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First Semester for Undergraduates

Below is a glimpse of what the first semester will look like for new undergraduates at MIU. All of our courses are on the block system, one course at a time, each approximately one month.

New student orientation and welcome

During the week before classes begin, new students will be welcomed by the University including your fellow students, faculty, residence hall leaders, and student government. During orientation week you will also register for classes, meet with the campus nurse, register vehicles, hear presentations from university leaders, and enjoy fun social events with other new students. You will find important orientation dates in your acceptance packet. Also, feel free to contact your admissions counselor anytime to receive more information.

Exploring Consciousness

This highly interactive course sets the direction for your entire university experience. You will learn the Transcendental Meditation technique if you don’t yet practice it, and will discover the fundamentals of Consciousness-Based Education.

This course is immersive and introduces many profound perspectives that are useful in understanding your own potential for personal and intellectual growth, while also providing an intellectual and experiential basis for a more profound grasp of every field of study. Taking this class gives you the basis for great success in both your class time at MIU and in your subsequent profession.

Critical and creative thinking seminar

In the next block, you will take a seminar that develops your critical and creative thinking skills, through studying a discipline of your choice. You’ll also begin to learn the unique technical vocabulary and types of evidence this discipline uses to evaluate knowledge. These seminars are writing-intensive (and often reading-intensive as well). Analytical writing and classroom discussions and exercises promote deep thinking about the topics you’re exploring. Seminar enrollments are capped at 15 students. These seminars can count towards your major requirements.

Additional coursework

The remaining courses you take during your first semester will depend on your major and how many transfer credits you’re bringing in. Consult with your admissions counselor if you wish to receive academic advising prior to enrollment, or otherwise, you’ll be assigned an academic advisor upon enrollment who will guide you in choosing the rest of your first semester classes.