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Open Curriculum at MIU Enjoy the freedom and support to shape your undergraduate educational journey
according to your passions, interests, and career aspirations.

Map your own educational journey

MIU’s open curriculum is designed to let you explore diverse fields, dive deep into subjects you care about, and tailor an academic roadmap to suit your personal goals.

  • No required core curriculum
  • No general education requirements
  • No distribution requirements
  • Only two courses that all students take

Our open curriculum is designed to let you explore diverse fields of study, dive deep into the subjects you care about, and tailor an academic roadmap to suit your individual goals.

You have many options to choose from

Our bachelor’s majors and specializations include many one-of-a-kind programs.

Or you can design your own major and give it whatever name you desire.

Throughout your MIU studies you’ll have the guidance of our experienced, caring faculty and academic advisors to help you design a personalized and transformative experience.

Only two courses are required of all undergraduate students

Only two courses are required of undergraduate students:

    This course is your entryway into MIU and Consciousness-BasedSM education. We dive into an ancient yet radically new framework for understanding the universe and our place in it. This model holds that consciousness, not matter, is fundamental. With this in mind, we look at some of life’s big questions: How can we develop our fullest potential as human beings? How do art and stories help us understand that potential? How can our own growth help create a more just and peaceful society? What do the world’s great wisdom traditions have in common? How can we improve education and healthcare? The new paradigm we explore in this course infuses all your classes at MIU. In this course, you’ll learn the Transcendental Meditation® technique to awaken the full potential of consciousness in your life.

    Comments from students

    • “I truly had a significant experience every single day in class.”
    • “I’m hesitant to even call it a class; it felt more like a philosophical playground. Not only do I feel like the course has primed me well for the rest of my time at MIU, I feel that the information covered in class will be extremely relevant for the rest of my life.”
    • “It was easily digestible, deeply engaging (edge of my seat in pure focus many days), and incredibly enjoyable.”
    Writing is a crucial skill not only for college but for life. Students are required to complete at least one writing course; a second writing course may be required depending on an entering student’s skill level.

Begin each semester with a deep inward dive

Imagine starting each academic semester by focusing on your own personal growth.

MIU’s unique Forest Academy program offers profound rest and rejuvenation. It also deepens your knowledge of how consciousness grows and shows how principles of consciousness apply in all academic fields and daily life.

The Forest Academy program takes place during the first two weeks of each semester for on-campus students and twice a year for online students. You choose from a set of interdisciplinary courses on a range of interesting topics.

You’ll also have the option of participating in a TM Retreat. These are a few days long for on-campus students and a half-day for online students. These retreats feature extended periods of meditation that wash away stress and fatigue, along with knowledge that gives you deeper insights into how your consciousness grows.

After each Forest Academy, you’ll return to your studies with increased clarity and energy.

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