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Core Abilities

At MIU you’ll acquire knowledge and skills essential for success and fulfillment in whatever path you choose for your life. The faculty are committed to helping you develop the following abilities essential in the 21st century:

  1. Development of consciousness: Know your Self – and act from the deepest level of your perception, thinking, feeling, and being.
  2. Health: Develop your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  3. Holistic thinking: Connect ideas and actions to a greater whole, to universal principles, and to inner experience.
  4. Creativity: Combine ideas, experience, and expertise imaginatively to generate new and meaningful ways of thinking, expressing, and doing.
  5. Critical thinking: Reason with logic and evidence, identify assumptions, and consider other perspectives fairly.
  6. Communication: Listen, speak, read, and write effectively in a variety of contexts and media.
  7. Problem solving: Design and implement strategies to address challenges, achieve goals, or resolve conflicts.
  8. Teamwork and leadership: Cultivate a constructive and inclusive team process to envision and achieve goals.
  9. Local and global citizenship: Take responsibility for elevating the quality of life for all people and for preserving and regenerating the natural world.