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Study & research sustainable management

  • Learn to research, measure and communicate business sustainability outcomes
  • Grow holistically through daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique
  • Develop leadership skills to help move organizations and the business world toward sustainable practices

Expertise in sustainable management

Are you ready to become a leader in the field of sustainable management? In MIU’s PhD in Management program, you’ll explore how organizations can profit while producing positive impacts for society and the environment, develop the skills that you need to succeed in sustainable business, and grow as a person through daily meditation practice.

Program structure

In the first stage of the PhD in Management program you will take core courses in sustainable management that prepare you for your PhD candidate qualifying exam. Once successfully completed, you will prepare your dissertation proposal. If accepted, you will achieve PhD researcher status, and then move on to writing your dissertation research, which you’ll then be asked to verbally defend. After successfully defending your research, you will be eligible to receive your PhD.

Practical management for a changing world

This program prepares students to utilize high-level management knowledge and skills in their careers, but with an added “green” twist. Students will learn about organizational behavior and theory, implementing sustainability in business, multiple regression analysis, multivariate analysis, quantitative research design, and more. By bringing sustainable and traditional business methodologies together, students will be prepared to lead the businesses they work with into the future.

More about the program

Our PhD program prepares each student to conduct original and significant research through courses in management theory, sustainability, and research methods and statistics. Early on in the program, you’ll identify your own field of study in which to focus your research papers. Through your own work, you’ll be gathering new data and advancing academia in the ever-growing field of sustainable business.

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Academia doesn’t have to be stressful — that’s why all MIU students, staff, and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation technique twice a day.

This scientifically-validated technique has been shown to lower stress, enhance brain functioning, and support overall health. After regular meditation practice, our students often report feeling less stressed and more creative than ever.

A major emphasis of our PhD program is preparing graduate students to become teachers and leaders in business, academics, and beyond. You’ll be trained in principles and practices for successful writing and teaching, which can be applied in a variety of leadership, consulting and academic situations.

  • CSR and Financial Performance in China
  • The role of HRM in implementing sustainability
  • Conceptions of sustainability in Cameroon
  • Meditation and trust in supply chain relationships
  • Consciousness and Success
  • Brain integration and management integrity
  • Consumers and non-genetically modified food
  • Effects of green-certified building
  • Moral development of CPA’s
  • ISO-14001 Environmental Management System and corporate financial performance
  • Development economics based on natural law
  • Self development and leadership behaviors
  • The effects of the Transcendental Meditation on stress in managers

Featured faculty

professor-vicki-herriotCurrently Chair of the Department of Management, Vicki Herriott teaches Business Law, Taxation, Human Resource Management, Mediation and Negotiation, and Environmental Law. She is passionate about helping her students connect the subjects she teaches to deeper values of life to inspire innovative ways to utilize their new skills and knowledge.

She is also the coach of the MIU mediation team, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, the Institute for Bio-Integrity and the International Foundation for Consciousness Based Education.

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