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Study & research sustainable management - Next entry Fall 2021. Apply Now!

  • Learn to research, measure and communicate business sustainability outcomes
  • Grow holistically through daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique
  • Develop leadership skills to help move organizations and the business world toward sustainable practices

Expertise in sustainable management

Are you ready to become a leader in the field of sustainable management? In MIU’s PhD in Management program, you’ll explore how organizations can profit while producing positive impacts for society and the environment, develop the skills that you need to succeed in sustainable business, and grow as a person through daily meditation practice.

Program structure

The PhD in Management has four phases:

  • Doctoral Course Work. Students take a program of courses that consists of a PhD Core of 6 courses covering consciousness-based managing for sustainability. There is also a required Research Methods Core of 4-5 courses, Professional Development seminars in teaching and writing, and a sequence of courses in the Science and Technology of Consciousness, which students learn to integrate with their academic studies in sustainable management. Classes are offered at a part-time pace, meaning 4 credit courses over a period of 2 months and 2 credit courses taught over 1 month.
  • Written Comprehensive and Oral Qualifying Exams. Students undertake a written comprehensive exam and a written and oral qualifying exam. When a student successfully completes the qualifying examination, the student is advanced to PhD candidate status. The core work and qualifying exams can be completed in the first two years of enrollment in the program.
  • Dissertation Proposal. When a dissertation proposal is accepted, the student is advanced to PhD researcher status.
  • Dissertation Research and Defense. The PhD researcher must write the dissertation research and successfully complete an oral defense of the dissertation.

Practical management for a changing world

This program prepares students to utilize high-level management knowledge and skills in their careers, but with an added “green” twist. Students will learn about organizational behavior and theory, implementing sustainability in business, multiple regression analysis, multivariate analysis, quantitative research design, and more. By bringing sustainable and traditional business methodologies together, students will be prepared to lead the businesses they work with into the future.

More about the program

Our PhD program prepares each student to conduct original and significant research through courses in management theory, sustainability, and research methods and statistics. Early on in the program, you’ll identify your own field of study in which to focus your research papers. Through your own work, you’ll be gathering new data and advancing academia in the ever-growing field of sustainable business.

In our block system, you’ll take only one course at a time, fully immersing yourself in that subject. This approach enables you to learn more with less stress, with deeper understanding and better retention of the course material.

You’ll also enjoy stronger connections with ​your professors and classmates—and you’ll never have to contend with a ​nerve-wracking ​finals week!

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Want more information?

Academia doesn’t have to be stressful — that’s why all MIU students, staff, and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation technique twice a day.

This scientifically-validated technique has been shown to lower stress, enhance brain functioning, and support overall health. After regular meditation practice, our students often report feeling less stressed and more creative than ever.

A major emphasis of our PhD program is preparing graduate students to become teachers and leaders in business, academics, and beyond. You’ll be trained in principles and practices for successful writing and teaching, which can be applied in a variety of leadership, consulting and academic situations.

  • CSR and Financial Performance in China
  • The role of HRM in implementing sustainability
  • Conceptions of sustainability in Cameroon
  • Meditation and trust in supply chain relationships
  • Consciousness and Success
  • Brain integration and management integrity
  • Consumers and non-genetically modified food
  • Effects of green-certified building
  • Moral development of CPA’s
  • ISO-14001 Environmental Management System and corporate financial performance
  • Development economics based on natural law
  • Self development and leadership behaviors
  • The effects of the Transcendental Meditation on stress in managers
The online classes can be taking synchronously (in real-time), as well as, asynchronously. While we encourage our students to take classes synchronously we understand that sometimes a student may not be able to do so. In such a scenario, they can watch the class recordings at their convenience. In other words, the class sessions are recorded and can be watched by the students anytime.


The online and on-campus PhD program are run simultaneously. Online students can interact with the professor and on-campus students when they attend the online classes live. Online students may attend the classes asynchronously if their time zone doesn’t allow live participation.
The schedule for the online and on-campus classes is the same and can be found here:
Link PhD Course Schedule
All classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am-12 noon.
Both on-campus and online classes are following the same schedule.
The online classes can be taking synchronously (in real-time), as well as, asynchronously. While we encourage our students to take classes synchronously we understand that sometimes a student may not be able to do so. In such a scenario, they can watch the class recordings at their convenience. In other words, the class sessions are recorded and can be watched by the students anytime.
The program cost for online students is the same as for on-campus students, except for the housing & meals and health insurance (internationals) expenses. Click here to see the full details of the PhD program costs.
Link PhD program costs. The same link provides information on financial aid.
You can opt to take the online PhD, then there is no campus time required. If you decide to sign up for the on campus PhD, you are required to attend classes on campus.
The required coursework for a Ph.D. takes two years, and defense of a thesis proposal, completion of thesis research and defense of the final thesis usually takes 12 to 18 months at a minimum. It is reasonable to expect to take four to five years to complete the Ph.D.

Featured faculty

Dr. Maxwell Rainforth is Professor of Statistics and Research Methodology and teaches courses in the PhD program in Management. He has been the statistician on over 40 published research studies, including research grants for over $25 million awarded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Defence, and private foundations. His research publications have reported on the effects of the TM program on human development, job performance, health, education, rehabilitation, and societal quality of life. Recently he was also the statistician on a major randomized controlled trial of TM and PTSD in combat veterans, which published in Lancet Psychiatry in 2018. According to Google Scholar, the papers that Dr. Rainforth has co-authored have been cited over 5100 times by other scholars.

Featured PhD student

Nakita Bruno Green is a current Ph.D. Researcher and Senior Graduate Instructor at Maharishi International University located in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. Prior to completing her MBA at Maharishi International University, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources at The University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, USA. Her current research focuses on understanding the relationship between Sustainable Innovation and Human Psychological Development. Together with the dean of the college of Business at MIU, Dr. Dennis Heaton, she recently published a Chapter titled Sustainable Development and Consciousness Development; Realizing a Sustainable World through Management Education in the book Advancing Innovation and Sustainable outcomes in International Graduate Education. In 2019 she presented a paper titled Sustainable Imagination and Sustainable Innovation, a conceptual framework, at the Imagination for Social Change conference in Ottawa, Canada. She is passionate about Consciousness Development and using research, consulting and entrepreneurship to create a more holistic and sustainable world for all.

Click here to find out more about our current PhD students, who recently participated in a virtual management conference.

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