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  • Integrate Ayurvedic knowledge with modern health science
  • Join the only accredited bachelor’s in Ayurveda in the US
  • Receive hands-on clinical training
  • Engage with a supportive community of like-minded students
  • Graduate as an Ayurveda consultant
  • Available online or on-campus

What is Ayurveda?

“Ayurvedic medicine (also called Ayurveda) is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It originated in India and has evolved there over thousands of years. In the United States, Ayurvedic medicine is considered a complementary health approach.”

Is Ayurveda effective?

“Ayurveda can have positive effects when used as a complementary therapy in combination with standard, conventional medical care.”

What is Maharishi AyurVeda?

We teach the Maharishi AyurVedaSM health system – the modern, scientific revival of complete Ayurveda. Maharishi AyurVeda includes balancing the deepest value of mind – consciousness, which is the basis of balancing the body. It incorporates all aspects of mind, body, behavior, and environment in a scientific framework.

What will I learn?

Our program integrates modern medicine and science with the natural approach of Ayurveda — and teaches you how to use them together to create optimal health.

In the BA program, you’ll learn the basics of a range of natural therapeutic techniques, including:

  • Optimal diet and routine for different individuals
  • Beneficial herbal supplements for specific imbalances and organ systems
  • Traditional purification therapies
  • Principles of biological rhythms and their effects on health

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Program recognized by:

On-campus clinical training and orientation

US online students visit the MIU campus for orientation and several more times throughout the program for clinical training.

Learn practical skills

You’ll receive in-depth training on how to conduct Ayurvedic consultations, learning how to use holistic modalities to assess, maintain, and restore balance on different levels of the mind-body system.

You’ll also study the business side of operating your own consulting practice, as well as the legalities involved in running a clinic. You’ll graduate with the practical skills you need to start your own career in wellness consulting.

Featured Alum

Varsha Khatri, founder of popular London health practice Illuminated Health, utilizes Maharishi AyurVeda, yoga, nutrition and herbal medicine to help her clients achieve optimal health and wellness. She is currently working on a book that brings together Maharishi AyurVeda with modern nutrition for everyday living.

“The need is very real for a new paradigm of health which is more effective at solving health issues,” says Varsha, “I like that Maharishi AyurVeda combines ancient wisdom with modern science.”

Featured classes

yoga cobra pose

Maharishi Yoga Asanas


You’ll study yoga postures in theory and through your own experience, experiencing the deep relaxation, stress release, and expansion associated with daily yoga practice.


Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition


How we metabolize food and drink directly affects the strength, vitality, immunity, and longevity of the body. In this course, you’ll learn what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat to maintain or restore balance to the physiology.


Ayurveda wellness consultant practicum


You’ll earn practical experience in consulting with clients, building your confidence in a clinical setting. Students take turns leading consultations and discussing case studies under the supervision of experts, tying everything they’ve learned together in a final capstone project.




In this course, you’ll study the history and basic principles of aromatherapy. You’ll learn the therapeutic properties of aromatic molecules, the chemical structure of essential oils and hydrosols, the therapeutic effects of aromas on physiological states, and more.

Faculty profile

Professor Liis Mattik, PhD is a natural, holistic, preventive healthcare practitioner, educator, and scientist. She has been teaching, training, educating, overseeing curricula, and consulting people in methods of Maharishi AyurVeda for over 20 years in university and public sectors. She has been giving individualized recommendations for maintaining or improving health and preventing or reversing aging by utilizing Maharishi Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis, diet, digestion, nutrition, herbs, minerals, essential oils, color therapy, yoga asanas — body postures, pranayama — breathing therapies, prevention of disease, seasonal purification program including Pancha Karma, and the Transcendental Meditation™ technique.


Ayurveda: The traditional system of medicine of India and the East. Based on diet, herbs, mind-body type, and purification therapies.
Maharishi AyurVeda: The modern, scientific revival of complete Ayurveda, including balancing the deepest value of mind – consciousness, which is the basis of balancing the body. This revival by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi incorporates all aspects of mind, body, behavior, and environment in a scientific framework. It also includes a unique system of pulse diagnosis and a host of unique mind/body/environmental therapies.

This program offers an accredited degree in Ayurveda recognized by NAMA. You can act as a health consultant or health educator in many health freedom states. In other states, you can practice under the auspices of a licensed healthcare practitioner. In other countries, other health care laws may apply. This program also equips you with the knowledge of how to conduct a business in consulting and health education. One can practice freely as a health coach in any state. The legal boundaries and considerations of teaching Ayurveda are discussed in our courses.

You should plan to spend 12-14 hours per week for a 4-credit eight-week course. If you are taking 2 courses during an eight week period, you should plan to spend 24-28 hours per week of reading, creating assignments and discussion forum posts, and studying course materials.

The time it takes to complete an online course successfully depends on your willingness to stick to a regular schedule and learn to study effectively more than on any other factor.

MIU will accept many of your general education credits, including any college-level mathematics course, writing courses with a “B” grade or better, and health-related fitness courses. There will be additional general education courses that are unique to the University, introducing its distinctive Consciousness-Based perspective, including The Science and Technology of Consciousness, Physics and Consciousness, Physiology is Consciousness, and Higher States of Consciousness. In addition to general education requirements, you will need to amass a total of 128 credits in order to graduate, including the general education credits, the Online BA in Ayurveda Wellness degree requirements, and any elective credit you may take.

The program schedule is fixed over the course of 3 years (half-time). Students who have at least 60 transferrable credits will need a minimum of 3 years to graduate.

If you have passed college level Anatomy & Physiology courses within the past 5 years with a grade B- or higher, then you can have them waived. Our third Anatomy & Physiology course however, Modern Health, cannot be waived since it’s unique to our program.

Our students include doctors, chiropractors, yoga therapists, massage therapists, osteopathic doctors and others in the health care professions. If you already have a license, you will be able to integrate what you learn from this course into your practice.

We accomplish this by using an online learning platform that students find highly engaging. The program also features an extensive collaboration between students and one-on-one interaction between our faculty and each student.

Further, students in this program will study on the MIU campus during the clinical intensive training courses. This gives students the opportunity to practice conducting Ayurveda consultations under the guidance of faculty, as well as meet their fellow students in person.

After completing the first three semesters of coursework online, US students will take at least three on-campus clinical intensives totaling six weeks. As an invaluable component in your study and practice of Ayurveda, these intensives are part of your degree requirements. The intensives are offered at different times throughout the year to accommodate your schedule. More about on-campus accommodations

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