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Block System: Immersion in One Course Per Month

Watch the video about the block system, 2 minutes

Learn more with less stress

At MIU you’re never juggling 4-5 classes, homework, and finals at once. Instead, you’re fully immersed in only one subject each month.

Watch the video about the block system, 2 minutes

This is immensely popular with our students because they naturally learn more, and it eliminates the stress of studying multiple subjects at once. And there’s never a finals week!

MIUOther colleges
You learn more with less stressYou frequently feel stressed from all the homework and exams from multiple classes
You easily go deeper into the knowledge of each subjectYou scatter your attention over 4-5 subjects at once
Each subject allows ample time for active and collaborative learningEach subject is restricted by the limited time available
You get a 3-day weekend each month with no classes or homeworkCoursework is always hanging over your head — all semester long

Open curriculum for undergraduates

Enjoy the freedom and support to shape your educational journey according to your passions, interests, and career aspirations. Aside from two courses that all students take, MIU’s open curriculum has no required core curriculum, no general education requirements, and no distribution requirements. Learn more >