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Improve your English language skills and cultural awareness for future academic and professional success.

Due to stricter federal regulations during the coronavirus crisis, we will (temporarily) not be able to issue I-20s for international students wishing to join our ESL program. Other students should contact the Office of Admissions to apply for this program.

The program follows the innovative and effective Focal Skills Approach to English Language Acquisition. The Focal Skills Approach allows language skills to build on one another naturally in a series of sequenced learning modules. There are four learning modules:

  • Focus on Listening
  • Focus on Reading
  • Focus on Writing
  • Advanced Integration

A tested modular approach

Students are tested upon entry into the program and then placed in the module best suited to their current level of English. Students are re-tested every four weeks and given the opportunity to advance to the next module.

Students usually spend from one to four months in each module. In this way, they develop their English language ability based on a solid foundation of previously acquired skills. Students may also skip a module if their placement test score indicates that special focus on that language skill is not necessary. Students who complete the advanced module sequence have achieved a high level of English language competency and are ready to begin academic study or to live and work in an English-speaking environment.

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