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Class Schedule: PhD in Management

The following is the 2022-23 projected schedule for students in the PhD in Management and is subject to change.

Fall Semester 2022

MVS 555ACollective Consciousness and Leadership1Aug 22Sep 3
MGT 676Organizational Development and Change4Sep 5Oct 27
MGT 621Literature Review4Oct 31Dec 22
MGT 679Research Seminar1Sep 12Dec 17
MGT 700Dissertation Proposal Preparation4Sep 12Dec 22
MGT 701Dissertation Research4Sep 12Dec 22

Spring Semester 2023

NumberTitle CreditsStartEnd
MVS 555BCollective Consciousness and Leadership1Feb 13Feb 24
MGT 5240Data Analysis for Researchers2Jan 16Feb 9
MGT 631Multiple Regression4Feb 27Apr 27
MGT 677Performance Measurement in Strategy Research2May 1May 25
MGT 628Multivariate Analysis A2May 29Jun 22
MGT 700Dissertation Proposal Preparation4Feb 27Jun 22
MGT 701Dissertation Research4Feb 27Jun 22
MGT 679Research Seminar1Mar 6Jun 17

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