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Scott Herriott

Scott Herriott
Scott Herriott
  • Professor of Management
  • Provost
  • (641) 472-1113
  • (641) 208-0511
  • (641) 472-1191

Professor Herriott received his PhD from Stanford in management science and engineering. He is the author of scholarly papers in the areas of economics, organization theory, and business strategy. His most recent books are Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Technologies (2015) and Metrics for Sustainable Business (2016).


  • PhD Stanford University, Management Science and Engineering
  • MA Stanford University, Educational Administration and Policy Analysis
  • AB Dartmouth College, Mathematics summa cum laude


  • 1998–2000 Dean of Online Education, Maharishi International University
  • 1995 Professor of Business Administration, Maharishi International University
  • 1994 Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Management, Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, USA
  • 1992 Director of Studies, Maharishi School of Management (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • 1991 Visiting Associate Professor of Management, Maharishi International University College of Business Administration (Oslo, Norway) and part-time Lecturer in Management, Norwegian School of Management (Sandvika, Norway)
  • 1990 Associate Professor of Management and Public Affairs, Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, USA
  • 1987 Assistant Professor of Management Sciences, University of Iowa
  • 1984 Assistant Professor of Management, University of Texas at Austin

Publications (Academic)

  • “Learning from Experience in Organizations,” (with Daniel A. Levinthal and James G. March) American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 75:2 (May, 1985), pp. 298-302.
  • Reprinted in James G. March (ed.) Decisions and Organizations, pp. 219-227. NY: Basil Blackwell, 1988.
  • “The Organizational Economics of Power Brokers and Centrally Dispatched Power Pools,” Land Economics 61:3 (August, 1985), pp. 308-313.
  • “Fitness-set Theory in the Population Ecology of Organizations: Comment on Freeman and Hannan,”American Journal of Sociology 92:5 (March 1987), 1210-1214.
  • “Competition and Cooperation in Deregulated Bulk Power Markets,” in M. Crew and P.R. Kleindorfer (eds.) Deregulation and Diversification Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, (1988).
  • “A Long-run Cost Allocation Problem in the Political Economy of Electric Utility Power Pools,” Journal of Regulatory Economics 1:1,69-86. (1989).
  • “Analysis of Cooperative Advertising Expenditures: A Transfer Function Modeling Approach,”(with Toni Somers and Yash Gupta) Journal of Advertising Research 30:5 (October/November), 35-49. (1990).
  • “Identifying and Developing Referral Channels,” Management Decision 30:1, 4-9 (1992).
  • “Information Channels in Markets,” Management (Kenya Institute of Management) 7:4, 10-12 (1992).
  • “Communication Channels in Markets,” Journal of Marketing Communications 3:3, 139-150 (1997).
  • “The Organizational Economics of Risk Pooling,” Social Sciences Research Network: Organizations and Markets Working Paper Series 2:7, (June 29, 1998).
  • “Authority to Propose Issues for Formal Decision in Business Consortia,” Corporate Governance 7:1, 49-61 (January, 1999).
  • College Algebra Through Functions and Models. Brooks-Cole/Thompson (forthcoming, 2000).

Research Interests

Generally, issues of cooperative strategy in business policy. Specific projects include studies of electric utility power pools, cooperative advertising, risk pooling, partial acquisitions, information channels in markets, and the implications of Maharishi Vedic Science for theories of motivation, job design, and management decisions.


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