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Ayako Huang

Ayako Huang
Ayako Huang
  • Chair, Department of Management
  • Associate Professor of Management

Ayako Huang studies the field of human behavior in licensing contracts, integrating decision theory and unforeseen events to explore the new contractual phenomenon. She is particularly interested in organizational behavior, strategic management, transaction-cost economics and sociology to help better understand how a theory of business-to-business contractual behavior ought to be developed.

Dr Huang is a member of the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, a member of the Academy of Management, and a member of the Licensing Executive Society. She has made numerous presentations at other professional conferences.


  • Associate Professor of Management


  • PhD Maharishi International University
  • MPA Eastern Washington University
  • BA Eastern Washington University

Academic Publication

  • Huang, A. & Herriott, S.R. (2013) “Relational Governance: The Normative Element in Technology Licensing Contracts”. Journal of Management Policy and Practice 14(4), 137-151.

Professional Activities

Conference Presentations

  • Huang, Ayako. “Transformational Effects of Social Emotions on Service-Learning Pedagogy.” Presentation at the Conference on Applied Learning in Higher Education, St. Joseph, Mo April 2016.
  • Huang, Ayako. “The Principles of Management: Theory and Practice.” Presentations at the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, Asheville, NC June 2013.
  • Huang, Ayako. “Theory and Research on Relational Contracting and Licensing.” Nominated for best paper presentation at the MBAA (Midwest Business Administration Association) International, Chicago, IL March 2012.
  • Huang, Ayako. “The Role of New Institutional Economics in Licensing Contracts.” In Proceedings of MBAA Conference, Chicago, IL March 2010.
  • Huang, Ayako. “A Literature Review on the Theory of Decision-Making: The Criteria for Distinguishing Core versus Non-core Technology”. In Proceedings of Mid-West Academic Conference, St. Louis, MO October 2008.

Invited Seminars

  • Huang, Ayako. “Community Development: Collaborative Civic Engagement for Sustaining Community-Based Programs.” Presentation at the Deep Green Symposium, Fairfield, IA June 2015.
  • Huang, Ayako. “Sustainable Community Development Management.” Presentation at College of the Arts, Nan-Hua University, International Lecture Series, Taiwan, 2014.
  • Huang, Ayako, USDA Grant-Biz Training Four Week Seminar-Leading Change and Organizational Renewal, Fairfield, Iowa, 2018.

Journal Reviewer

  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, 2019-

Community Service

  • Huang, Ayako, Roundtable Discussion: “Bringing New Voices to the Table-Rethinking/Reframing House Development”, Fairfield, Iowa, 2018.
  • Huang, Ayako, Host Webinar for Iowa Sustainable Business Forum on the topic of “University Collaborations”, Fairfield, Iowa, 2019.

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