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Faculty: College of Business Administration

Dennis Heaton

Dean of the College of Business Administration

William Graff

Chair, Department of Accounting

Vicki Alexander Herriott

Co-Director of the MA in Leadership & Workplace Conflict Resolution

Ripunjay Bhargava

Co-Director of the MA in Leadership and Workplace Conflict Resolution

Sabita Sawhney

Director of the PhD in Management

David Weisman

Director of the BA in Business Administration

Naveed Abbasi

Director of the MS in Business Technology and Analytics and Professionals MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP/SAP)

Ayako Huang

Director of the MBA in Sustainable Business

Scott Herriott

Professor of Management

Jane Schmidt-Wilk

Professor of Management

Anil Maheshwari

Professor of Management Information Systems

Yunxiang Zhu
Yunxiang Zhu

Professor of Management

Maxwell Rainforth

Professor of Statistics

Debra J. Louis

Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Nakita Bruno-Green

Assistant Professor of Management and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Alexandre G. Carvalho

Assistant Professor of Management

Bruce McCollum

Assistant Professor of Management

Naghmeh Sabermajidi

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Tom Palladino

Assistant Professor of Management

Vikram Gulati

Assistant Professor of Management

Yick Oi Janet Ho

Assistant Professor of Management

HaiYan Song

Assistant Professor of Management

Venkata Voruganti

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Tejasvi Sharma

Assistant Professor of Sustainable & Regenerative Living

Sun Liang

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Winston Mohammed

Assistant Professor of Management

Lijuan Cai

Instructor of Management

Rachel Goodman
Rachel Goodman

Adjunct Associate Professor of Management

Clifford Rose

Adjunct Instructor of Business Administration

Ye Shi (Linlin)

Lecturer in Accounting

Kenneth Cavanaugh

Professor of Applied Statistics, Emeritus


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