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Department of Physics


The minor in physics requires four calculus-based general physics courses plus one elective physics course. It is intended to support various majors at our university and also provides the needed physics preparation for graduate study or employment in engineering. Students interested in combining mathematics and physics are encouraged to construct an Individualized Major.

Physics today involves computer-based skills to an extent undreamed of a generation ago and, by emphasizing computing in our courses, we provide students with enhanced career opportunities.

Physics at MIU

Physics study at MIU can be the ticket to employment in an endless variety of fascinating professional adventures.This path is all the more powerful due to the program’s emphasis on both the direct experience and theoretical understanding of human consciousness and its higher states—integral parts of MIU’s physics curriculum. Down through the centuries, the most brilliant and creative physicists have emphasized human consciousness as the foundation for their discoveries. And an exciting momentum has built up beginning in the early 20th century, as theoretical physicists have reached milestones toward a completely unified theory of all the known force and matter fields of nature.

Inspired by the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the physicists at Maharishi International University have proposed that the unified field at the basis of the whole universe is the same as the unified field of consciousness, the experience of which has been recorded in the ancient Vedic literature and revived through the advanced technologies of consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs.

Now, with the increasingly widespread recognition that consciousness is much more than a localized offshoot of brain functioning, the spotlight is even brighter on physics as a leading discipline in the field of consciousness studies. That same light is also focused on MIU, now taking a leadership role in the field of consciousness studies, especially as we begin to explore the true potential of higher states of consciousness. This means our physics program is in the exciting and unique position of being able to explore new territory – the rich and fertile connections between consciousness, brain research, and the study of physics.

Featured Faculty

john hagelin

John Hagelin, PhDChair of the Department of Physics, Professor of Physics

john hagelin

World-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, proponent of peace, and scientist of consciousness, John Hagelin is professor of physics at MIU. He helped develop a highly successful grand unified field theory based on the superstring. For this work he was named winner of the prestigious Kilby Award,  which recognizes scientists who have made “major contributions to society through their applied research in the fields of science and technology.” The award recognized Dr. Hagelin as “a scientist in the tradition of Einstein, Jeans, Bohr and Eddington.”

He has helped bring the Transcendental Meditation technique to hundreds of thousands of at-risk children and adults — from inner-city school children to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress to prisoners to active-duty servicemen and woman. He has significantly increased public awareness of the benefits of the TM technique for addressing critical problems in crime, education, and more.

As a leading proponent of world peace, Dr. Hagelin:

  • is Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, a leading science and technology think tank
  • is International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace,  an organization of leading scientists throughout the world dedicated to ending nuclear proliferation and establishing lasting world peace
  • has shown that large meditating groups can effectively defuse acute societal stress — thereby preventing violence and social conflict and providing a practical foundation for permanent world peace.

For the last quarter century, Dr. Hagelin has investigated the nature and origin of consciousness, including higher states of human consciousness, and has spoken on this topic and major national and international conferences.

Dr. Hagelin received his A.B. Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth College in 1975. After completing his PhD at Harvard University in 1981, Dr. Hagelin joined the theoretical physics groups at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), where he became actively engaged in fundamental research at the forefront of supersymmetric unified field theories.

Dr. Hagelin then joined the faculty at MIU, where he established a doctoral program in elementary particle physics and unified quantum field theories. Dr. Hagelin has been published extensively in the area of supersymmetric unified quantum field theories in journals such as Physics Letters, Nuclear Physics and The Physical Review. He has appeared many times on news shows such as ABC’s Nightline, NBC’s Meet the Press and in major metropolitan newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.


David Scharf, PhD


Dr. Scharf is a physicist and philosopher of physics, having taught philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Rochester and mathematics and physics at Northeastern University, Wentworth Institute of Technology and Maharishi International University. He received his Ph.D. in 1985 from Johns Hopkins. His current research has to do with consciousness and quantum field theory and especially the nature of time in great literature and in advanced physics. Curriculum Vitae >

bob klauber

Robert Klauber, PhDAdjunct Professor of Physics

bob klauber

Robert Klauber is best known as the author of the very popular, highly rated textbooks Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory, Vols. 1 and 2, as well as extensive problem solution booklets for both texts. He spent most of his career in industry and as an entrepreneur, where he led a number of research projects and obtained over twenty patents. On various occasions during that career, he found time to teach a diverse number of graduate and undergraduate university physics courses.

He is now retired from non-academic activity and devotes his time to teaching and research at MIU. Throughout his life, he has held an abiding interest in the development of consciousness and has taught the Transcendental Meditation Program to hundreds of people. His research areas comprise physics, consciousness, relationships between the two, and improving pedagogy in teaching of technical subjects. Physics interests include the standard model and its limitations, the cosmological constant problem, dark matter, issues in general relativity, and the foundations of string theory.


  • Maharishi International University, post-doctoral studies in quantum field theory, elementary particle theory, unified field theories, 1985-87
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute, PhD, Pratt Presidential Fellowship, 1982
  • Princeton University, three year NDEA Title IV Fellowship, voluntarily discontinued studies to seek higher knowledge, 1970-71
  • Syracuse University, M.S., National Science Foundation Fellowship, 1968
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute, B.S., 1965

Industry experience

Dynamics analyst for General Dynamics, MIT Draper Labs, Eaton Corporation, and General Electric Aircraft Engine Group. Founded or co-founded, and headed, Technical Advances, Inc., Keyboard Advancements, Inc., and Creative Toys, Inc.


Adjunct faculty at MIU. Teaching of quantum field theory, relativity, classical mechanics, coherent states, physics core course, NLS physics course, oscillations and waves, quantum mechanics. Member of PhD student committee.


Much unpublished research for various corporations. Published research on physics and consciousness for the Journal of Scientific Exploration. Purely technical research published in The American Journal of Physics, Foundations of Physics, Fundamental Theories of Physics (Kluwer),, Journal of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and Journal of Applied Mechanics.

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar, PhDAssociate Professor of Physics

Manish Kumar

Dr. Manish Kumar is an experienced physicist and educator specializing in computational nanophysics, microwave electronics, and antenna technology. Holding a Ph.D. from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, his thesis focused on the electronic structures of transition metal-doped Ge and Si nanoclusters. He has extensive teaching experience, currently serving as an Associate Professor at Maharishi International University, Iowa since July 2022. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor at JECRC University, Jaipur for nearly a decade.

Dr. Kumar has a rich research profile, particularly in the field of defective ground structures for microstrip planar antennas. He has also guided research scholars, most notably on the topic of radiation performance of microstrip patch antennas using spiritual shape patches. His research contributions have been published in international journals and presented at various national and international conferences.

Additionally, Dr. Kumar has been an active part of academic administration, coordinating exams and contributing to the admission cell at JECRC. He has undergone specialized training in modern antennas, astronomy, and optical fiber communication. A well-rounded individual, Dr. Kumar has been involved in co-curricular activities, including state-level scouting and NCC service.

Born on October 29, 1977, Dr. Kumar is currently based in Fairfield, Iowa. He is married and has participated in various sports and cultural activities throughout his academic journey.

Richard Wolfson

Richard Wolfson, PhDAssistant Professor of Physics

Richard Wolfson

Dr. Richard Wolfson is a polymath with an expansive repertoire in quantum physics, Maharishi Vedic Science, human development, sustainability, and leadership. Dr. Wolfson graduated with dual honors in Mathematics and Physics from the University of British Columbia. He advanced his academic career through advanced study at MIU, where he completed his Master's and Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, specializing in quantum field theory and quantum optics.

After 21 transformative years in Maharishi's Purusha program, a cutting-edge initiative focused on consciousness research and human development, Dr. Wolfson secured a Master's degree in Maharishi Vedic Science from MIU. Subsequently, he devoted three years to an in-depth study of Reading Vedic Literature in Sanskrit at the same institution.

While enhancing his academic credentials, Dr. Wolfson served as both the Assistant Director and Director of MIU's video library for 13 years. During this period, he became an expert curator of Maharishi's teachings and Maharishi Vedic Science, a resource that he drew on to assist MIU faculty in curriculum development. His intellectual pursuits also led him to an MBA degree from MIU, where he specialized in Sustainability, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution.

At MIU, Dr. Wolfson has been a much-appreciated and respected educator, teaching a range of subjects from Mathematics and Physics to Maharishi Vedic Science. His academic contributions include developing conceptual parallels between physics, Maharishi Vedic Science, and the exploration of consciousness.

ashley deans

Ashley Deans, PhDAdjunct Professor of Physics

ashley deans

Dr. Ashley James Deans holds a Ph.D. in Space Physics from York University, Canada, and a B.Sc. in Physics from Imperial College, London. He currently serves as a Professor of Education and Physics at MIU and as Executive Director of the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment. Dr. Deans is also the Director of International Programs for the David Lynch Foundation and Executive Vice-President of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace.

His previous experience includes positions at the Harvard College Observatory and the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in the UK, as well as serving as an Acting Pilot Officer in the Royal Air Force. Dr. Deans has received numerous honors, including a Doctorate of World Peace from Maharishi European Research University and the Enlightened Educator Award from MIU.

A prolific speaker and researcher, Dr. Deans has visited over 100 countries to discuss Consciousness-Based education and its impacts on fields such as health, corrections, and military science. His publications span a wide range of topics, from social improvement models to quantum physics. He is also the author of the book A Record of Excellence: The Remarkable Success of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment.

His research papers have been published in esteemed journals, exploring subjects like Consciousness-Based education, supersymmetry mechanisms in physics, and auroral emissions in planetary science. With a career that bridges the gap between education and scientific research, Dr. Deans embodies a unique blend of academic rigor and a commitment to holistic well-being.

Rick Weller

Rick Weller, PhDAdjunct Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics

Rick Weller
  • AB (Mathematics) Amherst College
  • MS (Physics) Maharishi International University
  • PhD (Physics) Maharishi International University

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