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Physics Minor

Do you want to understand how the universe works? MIU’s minor in physics offers a comprehensive overview of the subject and how it connects to other fields, making it the perfect complement to any major degree program.

In our physics minor program, you will:

  • Study a calculus-based approach to classical and modern physics that complements your major degree program
  • Gain a uniquely holistic understanding of physics through taking one full-time course a month with expert faculty
  • Connect the mechanics of consciousness, brain research, and physics to understand the subject in a new way

Calculus-Based Physics

Our physics minor provides a calculus-based survey of the fundamental branches of classical and modern physics.

In our immersive courses, you’ll learn to appreciate and connect physical law to your own area of study while gaining valuable training in scientific experimentation and problem-solving.

Learn More with Less Stress

Learning physics doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At MIU, you’ll be taking only one full-time course per month, giving you the time to fully explore the knowledge.

In addition, our small student-faculty ratio means there’s plenty of time to ask questions, connect with other students, and work one-on-one with expert faculty.

Transcendental Meditation

As a student at MIU, you’ll practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique daily. This scientifically-validated technique has been proven to reduce stress, enhance clarity of mind, and promote overall well being.

MIU students often report feeling more creative, better able to learn, and more connected to themselves after meditating regularly.

Consciousness and Physics Research

As science begins to explore the true potential of higher states of consciousness, MIU has taken on a leadership role in the field of consciousness studies.

In our physics program, you’ll be exploring new scientific territory, including the rich and fertile connections between consciousness, brain research and the study of physics.