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Mathematics Department

math-meet-facultyDo you want to go beyond a typical mathematics education? In our math department classes, you’ll do more than study traditional mathematics: you’ll connect what you’re learning to your innermost self and everything around you while growing as a person with the support of our faculty.

Learn Math with Less Stress

In our math courses, you’ll be challenged and expected to meet high standards. But you will also have advantages. You’ll take only one full-time course per month, giving you the chance to interact with faculty, engage in classroom activities that go beyond just lectures in order to understand mathematics more deeply and integrate abstract mathematical concepts and principles into your way of dealing with the world.

Healthy Lifestyle

Studying at MIU involves more than just academics.

Our students follow a healthy routine that involves getting adequate rest at night, eating organic food in our dining hall, time to focus on their own holistic development, and more.

Transcendental Meditation

All students at MIU practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique daily. This technique has been proven to develop creativity, enhance clear thinking, and promote a deep sense of inner calm.

During meditation, you’ll experience the inner quiet that is essential to grasping mathematical concepts and solving problems. After regular practice, our students often find that they have a clearer mind with which to tackle their studies.

Preparation for Success

Our students learn quantitative skills and problem-solving abilities that prepare them for success in technology-based careers.

Once you graduate, you’ll be ready to enter the career of your choice or continue your education with graduate or professional studies.

Faculty Profile

anne-dowProfessor Anne Dow came to Maharishi International University because she found the students here to be happy, alert, focused, receptive, interested in mathematics, and able to understand their courses deeply. They were clearly realizing their full potential. She saw that mathematics at MIU is understood from a much wider perspective. Each topic covered is seen in relation to the rest of mathematics, the environment and society, all of knowledge, and oneself. Ultimately, Anne found that studying and teaching mathematics in this context gave her great fulfillment and a feeling of purpose.