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Department of Mathematics


About us

Mathematics is the exact study of abstract patterns and relationships. The objects that mathematicians study — such as numbers, operations, shapes, and relationships — are abstract and underlie all physical reality but have no physical reality themselves, existing only in the consciousness of the mathematician. Thus, mathematicians study the functioning of intelligence itself.

In their work, mathematicians refer to the principles of intelligence in their own consciousness and are able to discover the same principles of order and intelligence that govern all areas of life. Thus, mathematics is able to provide the basic language for all other sciences and has applications in every area of life.

Students who study mathematics at Maharishi International University learn to see the connections between the functioning of their own intelligence and mathematical knowledge. They acquire the quantitative skills, problem-solving abilities, and clarity of thinking that provide a basis for success and leadership in technology-based careers. Graduates of the program in mathematics are prepared to enter a wide range of careers or continue their education with graduate or professional studies.

Do you want to go beyond a typical mathematics education? In our math department classes, you’ll do more than study traditional mathematics: you’ll connect what you’re learning to your innermost self and everything around you while growing as a person with the support of our faculty.

Featured Faculty


Anne Dow, PhDChair of the Department of Mathematics


Dr. Dow received her BA (First Class Honors in Mathematics) at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Her MA (Mathematics) is from the University of Western Ontario, and her PhD (Mathematics) is from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Her research Interests include the relationship between mathematics and Maharishi Vedic Science, maximum principles and other areas in partial differential equations, Fourier analysis, and the Effect of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program and Consciousness-BasedSM education on mathematical intuition and the doing and learning of mathematics. Curriculum Vitae >

Cathy Gorini

Catherine Gorini, PhD

Cathy Gorini

Dr. Gorini received her AB (Mathematics) from Cornell University and her MS and PhD (Mathematics) from the University of Virginia.

Her research interests include: Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics, Using the Transcendental Meditation® technique in the teaching of Mathematics, and Geometry and Symmetry.

Dr. Gorini received an Award for Outstanding College Teaching from the Mathematical Association of America in 2001. She has also published many articles on mathematics, especially geometry. She is Professor of Mathematics at MIU. Curriculum Vitae >

Paul Corazza-2

Paul Corazza, PhD

Paul Corazza-2

Dr. Corazza has a BA (Philosophy) from MIU and his PhD (Mathematics) is from Auburn University. HIs post-doc studies were at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

He has published fifteen papers in mathematical logic, a three-part article on a Java framework he created, and a textbook on Mathematical Logic and Computability. He has also published research papers on Maharishi Vedic Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and the Mathematics of Infinity (Set Theory). Curriculum Vitae >

Debra Levitsky

Debra Levitsky, PhD

Debra Levitsky

BS, MS, Maharishi International University
PhD, Maharishi International University

Rick Weller

Richard Weller, PhD

Rick Weller

AB (Mathematics) Amherst College
MS (Physics) Maharishi International University
PhD (Physics) Maharishi International University

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