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Gurdy Leete

Gurdy Leete
Gurdy Leete
  • Formerly Associate Professor of Media & Communications

Professor Gurdy Leete was a freelance artist working in Web design, graphic design, 3-D animation, and video.  In Web design he worked in various combinations of branding, site architecture, user interface design, cross-platform usability, graphic design for the Web, HTML/ CSS/ PHP/JavaScript, Java, Web animation, search engine optimization, and scalability design.

Leete was also an award-winning graphics software engineer, and worked as an animation software engineer on numerous educational games for a variety of software publishers, and as a computer animator for magician Doug Henning.

He co-authored eleven books on Web animation, user interface design, digital video, and Linux for major publishing houses.  His books have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, and Spanish.

Leete was also a pioneer in using GNU/Linux applications in undergraduate art and design classes, and he edited a blog on free software for creative media. He is co-author of Multitile, a plug-in for generating complex symmetric imagery in the free GNU image manipulation program, GIMP.

Professor Leete passed away in June, 2017.


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