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Degree Requirements for the MBA

The following is projected for the 2022-2023 school year and is subject to change

Students must successfully complete all general requirements for a master’s degree and can graduate with an MBA by completing a minimum of 58 credits, including:

As preparation for meeting the requirement of a track or several concentrations, each MBA student must demonstrate basic competence in the foundational fields of business. This is demonstrated by having a total of 18 MBA course credits earned including at least 2 semester-hour credits in any four of the following seven fields:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business law
  • Management: organizational behavior, human resource management, leadership
  • Operations or quality management
  • Management information systems

Students may fulfill the MBA Foundation Requirement in whole or in part by having
completed equivalent undergraduate coursework at an accredited university and earned a grade of at least B.

Students who have taken graduate coursework in business administration at another
university and have not used those credits for a degree may apply to have those credits transferred to Maharishi International University and used as specialization, concentration or elective credits, up to a maximum of 20 credits.

You have to take at least 16 credits of your Business Specialization. The courses for each specialization can be found on the respective specialization website.

Any MGT course at the 5000 level may count as an elective course. With the permission of the department chair, a maximum of 8 elective credits may be taken as graduate courses in other departments of the university or as undergraduate courses designated 400-level or above in other departments of the University. MBA students who take undergraduate courses will be required to do extra work commensurate with graduate-level credit.
Students in the Professionals MBA format distinct degree requirements which are described on the MBA Professionals website.

Current class schedule for the MBA