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Class Schedule for the BA in Creative Entrepreneurship

The following is the 2019-20 projected schedule for students in the BA in Creative Entrepreneurship, and is subject to change.

Fall Semester 2019

MGT 346Career Strategies2Aug 19Sep 1
MGT 200*Growing a Business*4Sep 2Sep 29
MGT 484Mediation and Negotiation4Sep 30Oct 27
MGT 315Financial Accounting4Sep 30Oct 27
MGT 428Business Law and Ethics4Oct 28Nov 24
MGT 482Management and Organization4Nov 25Dec 22
Courses marked with * are elective courses.

Spring Semester 2020

MGT 429Human Resource Management4Jan 13Feb 9
MGT 314Statistics (&PH 314 Biostatistics)4Feb 24Mar 22
MGT 201Business Communication Skills4Mar 30Apr 26
MGT 434*The Successful Entrepreneur*4Mar 30Apr 26
MGT 430Financial Management4Apr 27May 24
MGT 499Directed Study (capstone, majors)4May 25Jun 21
MC-W251*The Power of Social Media*4May 25Jun 21
Courses marked with * are elective courses.

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