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Steps to Apply for Financial Aid for USA students

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid (US applicants)

  1. File the FAFSA. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Our school code is 011113, or you can use the drop down box for schools in Iowa. For the upcoming school year, be sure to file the FAFSA for that year. This is the only financial aid application required by Maharishi International University for USA citizens and permanent residents.
  2. Student Aid Report. You will receive a “Student Aid Report” from the FAFSA processor, which will tell you if you need to follow up on any items from your filed FAFSA.
  3. Financial aid eligibility. Within one week of the time you file your FAFSA, we will send an email to the address you specify on the FAFSA, giving you an estimate of your potential financial aid eligibility as well as specifying what additional requirements are necessary before we can produce an Award Letter. See a sample notification letter Unmet Requirements for Financial Aid Award Letter (PDF).
  4. Admission. Complete all the requirements for admission to Maharishi International University. If you are not sure what these requirements are, contact your admissions counselor.
  5. Award Letter. When you receive letter of acceptance, we will produce your Financial Aid Award Letter. The Award Letter will show the charges to attend the University, the out of pocket expenses you may expect, the financial aid you are eligible for, and whether you have an unmet payment to the University or whether you will receive cash for your books and other personal expenses from aid which exceeds charges. See a sample of materials included with the Financial Aid Award Letter (PDF).
  6. Federal student loan terms and conditions. Review the terms and conditions of the federal student loans contained in your Financial Aid Award Letter.
  7. Loan application. We will provide instructions for loan applications for you to fill out. A sample loan application packet can be viewed here.
  8. Loan processing. We will process all your financial aid, including your loans. See the details of the loan disbursement process.

For more information about financial aid, please write to finaid@miu.edu or call (641) 472-1156.