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Identity Theft Prevention

( R E D  F L A G  R U L E S )

The University has implemented a program to identify and detect warning signs – or “red
flags” – of identity theft. This includes alertness to the possible attempted use of, or
request of, information which is inconsistent with held records or policies for
dissemination of held records. Before disclosing personal information we will require
confirmation of the identity of the individual for whom data is being discussed or
requested. Confirmation may be a student badge, a date of birth consistent with
previously held records, or the last four digits of the Social Security number, or any other
such personally identifying information.

Any alerts, notifications, or warnings from a consumer reporting agency, or any
suspicious requests, or any suspicious documents will create a response to the individual
whose record is in question, and if appropriate, notification to law enforcement agencies
about possible identity theft. The individual whose identity is potentially vulnerable will
receive an immediate block of all information release, until the affected individual
requests, in writing, a release of that data block.

The data block is specific to records held by the Registrar, and is administrated
electronically through the Registrar database. All employees with access to the Registrar
database sign an agreement form each year which specifies this policy. Some University
offices, such as Admissions Offices, and Human Resources, hold data which is not
released outside the University. Employees in these offices also sign this agreement form
each year, as a tool for continued vigilance for recognition and response to potential
identity theft. The University also hires servicers for specific functions, such as for
processing of Federal Perkins Loan, each of whom also has Identity Theft Prevention
rules in place.