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Consciousness: A New Paradigm

  “A phenomenal course on the structure and nature of Consciousness. Profound, deep, yet coherent and understandable. Timeless wisdom, highly recommended.” —DJ    More reviews >

Special Online Master Class by Dr. Tony Nader.

Course Dates: An online course with live Zoom discussions starting on April 6, 2024 for eight consecutive Saturdays at 1:00 – 2:30 pm US-CT / 7:00 – 8:30 pm UK. These 1.5 hour discussions will focus on two videos by Dr. Tony Nader each week from his 14-Lesson Master Class which can be viewed online at your convenience.

Worldwide Times: 2 pm EDT | 1 pm CDT | 12 pm MDT | 11 am PDT | 8 am HST | 7 pm UK | 8 pm CEST / SAST | 9 pm EEST / MSK | (Next day) 6:00 am NZST  For those unable to attend live, each Zoom session will be posted online within a few hours after it concludes.

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Course Leaders: Videos are by Dr. Tony Nader. Discussions are led by Professor Evan Finkelstein.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Fee:

  • $145 general tuition fee
  • $75 for full-time students, full-time TM organization staff, and low-income retirees.
  • Some countries might have a discounted course fee of $35 or $65. To find out about your country, please check the list in the sign-up form.
  • Videos are available to view online for one year.
  • Live Zoom sessions are in English-only. Translations of Dr. Nader are available online in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian.

The course fee includes a detailed Study Guide

Course Description

Dr. Tony Nader

Tony Nader, MD, PhD

How can I be happier? What is my purpose in life? How can I achieve my fullest potential? How can I help make the world a better place?

Just about everyone asks these questions, and they’re becoming more important all the time.

Dr. Tony Nader brings breakthrough answers to these questions. He starts with three profound insights into the nature of life:

  • The essence of all life — our own life and the life of the universe — is one unbounded ocean of Consciousness. Everything is made out of Consciousness.
  • Consciousness can be accessed, developed, expanded in our life — easily and effortlessly.
  • Developing our Consciousness is the key to everything good in life — to happiness and health, to success and social harmony, to world peace.

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of Consciousness, is a sought-after speaker, leader of the international Transcendental Meditation® organization, and author of Consciousness Is All There Is. (To be released in August 2024.)

Professor Evan Finkelstein

Evan Finkelstein, PhD

During this 14-lesson master class, Dr. Nader will explore the deepest questions of human life and some of the most urgent issues of our time, all with an eye to making life work for everyone.

Personal questions

  • How can I be happier?
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Where do I fit into the cosmic scheme of things?
  • Is there more to life beyond what I’m experiencing now?
  • What is enlightenment? And how can I get it?

Timeless questions

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is Consciousness?
  • What is the basis of the universe? Matter? Or Consciousness?
  • If Consciousness, how does Consciousness create the universe?
  • Do we have free will? Or is everything determined?
  • What is the nature of good and evil? And why do bad things happen to people?

Urgent questions

  • How can we best address climate change, including preventing natural disasters?
  • How can we best tackle global pandemics and achieve global health?
  • What are the risks of artificial intelligence and how can we prevent them?
  • How can we bring an end to terrorism and create permanent world peace?
  • How can we achieve a socially just, orderly, and harmonious society?
  • What can I do personally to help solve these global challenges?
  • How can I change Consciousness to create a better life and world?

Dr. Nader will present the theory and practical applications of a new Consciousness-BasedSM paradigm for human life that can make life work for everyone.

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Dr. Tony Nader

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About Dr. Tony Nader

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, is a medical doctor trained at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD in neuroscience), and a globally recognized Vedic scholar. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s successor, Dr. Nader is head of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations in over 100 countries. From the Americas to Asia, from Europe to Africa, Dr. Nader guides the Transcendental Meditation program and its advanced practices, and the practical applications of this technology, in all areas of national life — education, health, business, defense, agriculture, and more.

Dr. Nader’s vision is to bring happiness, health, and peace to the minds and hearts of the whole world family. His experiences as a teacher, father, leader, scientist, and doctor have inspired his dedication to all global citizens — and his commitment to opening their awareness to the important things in life, from a truly profound perspective. His total focus is to help remove conflicts in society, so that higher values and beautiful goals become the guiding light of everyone.

About Professor Evan Finkelstein

Dr. Finkelstein, PhD is currently a Professor Emeritus in the Maharishi Vedic Science Department at MIU and has taught at MIU since 1991. Included in courses taught by Prof. Finkelstein are themes such as universal principles of life expressed by Maharishi Vedic Science and the religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.


(57 – Five Stars; 8 – Four Stars; 0 – Three Stars; 1 – Two Stars; 0 – One Star)

  “A phenomenal course on the structure and nature of Consciousness. Profound, deep, yet coherent and understandable. Timeless wisdom, highly recommended.” —DJ

  “Take a deep and highly enjoyable dive into the Ocean of Consciousness to gain deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe. Consciousness is all there is! I thought the course was wonderful!” —Victoria Lee Peterson

  “This course is very structured, very complete, very comprehensible. Dr. Nader presents concepts from Quantum physics to philosophy with finesse. An important class for life going forward.” —Mary Webster

  “Profound teachings of advanced knowledge on Consciousness. The course itself raised my consciousness.” —JB

  “This is a wonderful opportunity to listen as Dr. Nader guides you through the paradigm that ‘Consciousness is all there is.’ With many examples, he presents knowledge from the most profound level of human understanding in a way that one feels fulfilled at each step. Definitely worth participating in for any seeker of knowledge.” —Brian G. McEnery

  “The information in this course is an answer to the modern problems, to the pessimistic viewpoint that human life is going inevitably towards chaos in terms of human rights, pandemics, ecology, wars, and international tensions. Also for those arguing that the future of human being is to apply advanced technologies (AI, computer, nano tech, gene bio, …) that are deciding for him and upgrading to human 2.0. Here is a new paradigm, where the most ancient science matches the most advanced understanding of modern science. Its applications are huge, and the consequences open the window of a possible bright future for mankind.” —Yves Pace

  “A course to expand the thought process and experience, of how things and beings interact with one another.” —DE

  “One of the most profound courses on Consciousness I have ever attended. I have received the answers to questions about the true Reality of Consciousness and how it unfolds itself within our own consciousness as it evolves – answers I have longed for for so long.” —Branko Čičić

  “A course that explains the meaning of life. When everything happens, where does everything come from? How to use it all? How, and with the help of what, we can acquire perfection and become the masters of our time!” —Ovchinnikova Tayisiya

  “A comprehensive and insightful look into the nature of things.” —Dennis Zettervall

  “The course scientifically reveals and confirms the eternal Truth, hidden for millennia, about the existence of an infinite reservoir of creativity and intelligence in a single field of Consciousness and how to use it for a successful, healthy, and happy life!” —Irina Gribanova

  “An interesting way to get the knowledge of our existence here on earth and gain an understanding/information about the paradigm shift from: the body generating a consciousness to that consciousness is all there is. A very nice way to get words to put on the biggest questions…” —Anita Ejrup

  “This course opens up a surprising perspective on your life and the world. It shows the integration of philosophy and science; the embedding of the individual life in a cosmic context.” — HW

  “If you want to be up-to-date on our universe, take this course. If you want to experience intellectual freedom, take this course. If you want to know your personal connection to every living thing in our universe, take this course.” —Donna Nelson

  “The course helped me to get a broader and better perspective of life and overall development and how to see my life in a larger framework. Everything about the course was perfect!” —Regina Stehle

  “Such a brilliant, detailed, clarifying intellectual understanding expands the experience of consciousness. I can’t imagine how the course could be any better. I would rate it ten stars out of five.” —PW

  “The course is an opportunity to understand who you are and the purpose of life, from the point of view of Consciousness.” —Julio Cesar Amaral de Farias

  “The course was beyond my expectations. You’ll find who you really are. You’ll know your true Self.” —Socorro de Castro-Landsberg

  “An unmissable course that will be a turning point for your understanding of the world, the universe, and yourself. Universal concepts are clearly explained in today’s words, to be understood by all people. It’s a course that satisfies and gives happiness.” —DP

  “A wonderful course. Your life is no longer the same after you enjoy this course.” — MVK

  “I was so moved at the end of Module 14 that I was actually crying! Never done that before! Something about Dr. Nader touched my heart so deeply that last day. This course far exceeded my expectations, and each day was fuller and fuller.” —SL

  “This course offers an explanation of the expanded range of Consciousness and how Consciousness is not only at the basis of all the material world, but also the foundation of establishing a better appreciation and relationship to our global environment.” —John Graham

  “This course elucidates the purpose of life — enlightenment, complete happiness — and provides a road map of how to expediently develop it … dive deep into your own blissful inner silence.” —LH

  “A very good course. I love it. It opens up and expands the consciousness. As many people as possible should take it.” —Jakob Johan Ramnagar

  “A very systematic integration of various disciplines of science, religion, philosophy, ancient knowledge, and personal experience, to come to one conclusion: that pure consciousness is at the basis of all creation in the universe. A follow-up course going into greater detail would be nice.” —CK

  “The course has given me the deepest insights into the most important questions – why we are here, how everything manifested, and how all life came about and continues to grow. The course was managed excellently through everyone involved. I am deeply impressed. Dr. Nader is such a brilliant course leader, speaking so clearly.” —Birgitta Larsson

  “Dr. Nader is a powerful teacher whose objectivity unfolded this knowledge step-by-step in a complete and clear manner, very reminiscent of Maharishi.” —Frances Penman

  “Can’t see the forest for the trees? This course offers a necessary tour.” —DE

  “Extremely interesting and uplifting. Dr. Nader’s comprehensive understanding and expression of the knowledge of all aspects of Consciousness is unparalleled. So many thanks to him, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and all who contributed to make the course possible. Jai Guru Dev.” —Anonymous

  “A very uplifting course, and one would be lucky to have had it.” —Maria Ngeendina Sakaria

  “An amazing learning experience!” —GA

  “I found this course fascinating. I loved it. It allowed us to evolve, helped us to grow. This course should not end. Thank you to Maharishi to have given us this knowledge. Thank you Dr. Tony Nader to continue the sharing with us.” —Anonymous

  “Very profound.” —Anonymous

  “Amazing and insightful. Provided a basis for much deeper understanding.” —Julia Busch

  “For more understanding of Consciousness. Amazing!” —Paramjeet

  “It is a fantastic course to understand the whole dimension of life, easy to follow and in a language that everyone can understand, very enjoyable, and it gives answers to the profound questions of absolute and relative existence. It is perfect.” —Jesus Mate Ponce

  “Consciousness is All there is!!! And thanks to Dr. Tony Nader and all the organizers for giving us the different verticals to explain it and also grasp the deeper understanding of it.” —Omvir Singh

  “This is a combination of a science and a philosophy course, which brings one up to date in a way that touches the most fundamental level of human existence. If you ever had a question about the how and why of your life or the life of the universe — this course is for you.” —SL

  “This course is an explanation of the Unmanifest expressing as ‘life’ and why.” —PN

  “I have just described the course to a friend as ‘really great’. You can literally feel your mind expanding and your brain lighting up and making connections – taking your mind away from everything that doesn’t matter or doesn’t support your growth to greater consciousness, towards everything that really matters and has meaning.” —MF

  “A global assessment and understanding that Consciousness is all there is.” —Anonymous

  “This course needs your attention every moment. Each part either reveals, increases clarity, or stabilizes pure knowledge. When you are distracted, you lose something. Now I look forward to redoing every part, to enjoy each part fully and gain even greater wholeness.” —Judy White

  “In a very accessible way, this course gently leads you to and understanding of the whole of life; why we are here and what is the significance of each person’s life. When you get the understanding of how life is created from Consciousness, then you will understand how important your own life is in its connection with others. Each step of realization on this course is associated with a wave of joy, as each revelation seems so right and so satisfying.” —Leopold G. Campbell

  “A light of hope, lit in the name of the most ancient tradition of knowledge, expressed in the words of modern science, for the ascent of man to his highest glory.” —Nicolae Costin Stoian

  “The course is a fascinating interpretation of Total Knowledge. At times, the course gets very heady with various scientific and philosophic concepts, but certainly is worth it for its expansive view of Reality and the brief insights into various scientific/mathematical and concepts. Overall, it presents a unique and comprehensive overview into Reality.” —Ronald Stechert

  “This course is very enriching and complete in understanding life.” —Anonymous

  “I think you would enjoy how Dr. Nader brought to life epistemology and ontology with such conceptual clarity that you could feel yourself experiencing the full range of your observer-hood capability; seeing the connectedness of any and everything, be it hitherto existent or in potentia, whether in the simultaneity of the unmanifest paradoxical Absolute or in the sequence of space-time manifest Relative; understanding it all as being infused with the One reality of its own self-referral nature as Consciousness. It was a beautifully orchestrated symphony of all the elements of creation that constitute his new Paradigm of Consciousness being all there is.” —AW

  “This course helped my understanding of the experience of consciousness.” —Charles Kralik

  “This course is a must.” —ER

  “An excellent course for people who are open to expand their horizons and their understanding of the world we live in.” —Ahmad-Shah Duranai

  “Everything was excellent. I need more time to study and understand the philosophical, scientific, and physical terms and concepts that are difficult for me. Eventually, I will enjoy it more, because there is a lot to digest and explore.” —Merce Canadell

  “In a pleasant way, the course allows you to understand how the structure of Consciousness operates in your self, and inserts you in the environment, society, and cosmos on the way to your Enlightenment.” —Ålvaro Salinas

  “It’s a very interesting course that delves deeply into some of the most important questions about life. I think it was a great synopsis of the book; and it was great to learn more about the topic of Consciousness and how it applies to our everyday life.” —BB

  “I love Dr. Nader.” —MN

  “The course was thrillingly fascinating. If you would like to hear the big Questions of Life brilliantly answered and see a truly outstanding intellect at work in a distinguished representative of all the state-of-the-art knowledge of our time — this is the course for you.” —GHW

  “A wonderful explanation, directed to our Intellect, of concepts that resonate deeply in our Heart and Soul.” —Ana Leticia McDonald

  “An enlightening insight into the meaning and understanding of Consciousness, as presented by an enlightened doctor and scientist conversant with Vedic knowledge and Transcendental Meditation.” —RW

  “Very inspiring meeting with Dr. Nader, who is master in pairing essential knowledge with the subtle experience of transcending.” —DS

  “Everything is made out of consciousness. I think this course provides a good introduction to the topic. I thought the course was fine for what it was, but left questions unanswered.” —DF

  “It started as a midnight coffee-can student philosophic discussion of wild and wonderful possibilities of the improbable. However, all return to TM.” —D

  “A challenging, yet stimulating and mind-shifting, hypothesis on Consciousness. Delivered in a professional, academic, and inclusive manner by feet-on-the-ground, knowledgeable Dr. Tony Nader.” —DM

  “Dr. Nader’s brilliance is his discovery of Veda in the physiology. This is his mastery. This is the truly unprecedented knowledge that could take the world by storm. Nobody in the history of mankind has presented this knowledge like Dr. Nader has, whereas many have discussed consciouness from a variety of perspectives, even concluding or inferring that consciousness is all there is. Let’s put Veda on top of the world!” —CF


What if I have already read the book?
You’ll have the opportunity to delve more deeply into that knowledge and exploring it from different angles.

What if I am brand new to this topic?
Dr. Nader and Professor Finkelstein will guide you step by step from the beginning through to the deepest understanding.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?
There are no prerequisites. All are welcome.

How long are the videos available to view?
For at least one year after you’ve enrolled.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at ce@miu.edu. Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before viewing Lesson Four online.

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