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Department of Computer Science

With the rapid advances in science and technology during the last few decades, computing systems have risen to become the key technology that supports and expands almost every area of life, from education and research to commerce and entertainment. With the recent growth of networking systems and the global Internet system connecting millions of people and almost every educational, research, and business institution in the world, computing has become the most powerful and pervasive aspect of modern technology and a vital element of success in almost every area of life.

Today we live in an information-based society. A vital part of modern life is fundamental knowledge of how computers and computing systems work. The universal role of computing and the great power that it brings to all areas of life is based on the ability of computing systems to represent and reason about the knowledge at the basis of any area of application.

Computer science is the study of these structures and dynamics of information, and their expression into progress and machines. It creates a new and exciting area that merges aspects of mathematics and electronics to form a new discipline of software and computing systems. This allows one to describe abstract concepts or knowledge from any area of interest, and then create powerful systems that produce concrete results — the flight of a satellite, a computer graphics system for movies, scientific computation, management information systems, or desktop word processing.

With such broad areas of application, a computer scientist must have a strong background in both the foundations of knowledge on which these systems are organized and the principles which are used to create and apply computing to all diverse areas of life. Clearly, a computing professional enjoys the ability to work in one of the most exciting and leading areas of technology today and one of the most important areas for the future.

Our computer science programs prepare graduates for success in this field by providing comprehensive knowledge of the discipline and the ability to think clearly and precisely.

Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics


Keith Levi


Keith Levi worked for Honeywell Systems and Research Center as a Senior Principle Research Scientist on applications of artificial intelligence and expert systems to human-machine interface problems. He has been a principal or associate investigator on research awards from the Air Force’s Wright Research and Development Center, the Office of Naval Research, and the United Nations Industrial Development Office. Dr. Levi received his PhD from the University of Michigan.

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