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Class Schedule for the Online MA in Leadership & Workplace Conflict Resolution

The following is the 2021-22 projected schedule for students in the Online MA in Leadership & Workplace Conflict Resolution, and is subject to change.

Fall Semester 2021

FOR 500SCI A1Aug 16Aug 27
MGT 5834Culture & Conflict Resolution2Aug 30Sep 23
MGT 5120Business Law & Government Regulation (F21 entry)4Aug 30Oct 21
MGT 5829Conflict Resolution in Teams2Sep 27Oct 21
MGT 5836Difficult People & Difficult Conversations2Oct 25Nov 18
MGT 5342HR Management (F21 entry)2Oct 25Nov 18
MGT 5820Leadership & Management2Nov 22Dec 18

Spring Semester 2022

FOR 500SCI BC2Jan 10Feb 3
FOR 500SCI CD (S21 entry)2Jan 10Feb 3
FOR 500SCI D1Feb 7Feb 18
FOR 510Leadership & Teamwork1Feb 7Feb 18
MGT 5828Communication Skills for Managers2Feb 21Mar 17
MGT 5810Employment Law (S21 entry)2Feb 21Mar 17
MGT 5831Negotiation in the Workplace2Mar 28Apr 21
MGT 5832Human Resource Management (S21 entry)2Mar 28Apr 21
MGT 5832Mediation4Apr 25Jun 16
MGT 5837Transformational Coaching (S21 entry)2Apr 25May 19
MGT 5838Capstone Project in Leadership and Workplace Conflict Resolution (S21 entry)2May 23Jun 16

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