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Brahma Sutras in the Light of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge

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“My favorite aspect of this course was putting and keeping my attention on Brahman. It puts the smaller aspects of life in perspective.” —CM

“The course is just wonderful! I love the simplicity, beauty, truth, and power.” —CG   (See more reviews from this course recently held in the UK.)

Twelve-Lesson Course: Now available as a self-study online course.
Course Leader: Peter Warburton, PhD

Course Fee: $75.00 discounted price for everyone during this time of the coronavirus (or $45 for those who have already taken this course in the UK).

Free Talk: The first class is free and is available to View Online
Password: Vernon

Prerequisite: TM-Sidhi® course; or TM® course plus some familiarity with the terms and concepts used in Maharishi’s Total Knowledge.

Course Description

Each Brahma Sutra is the expression of an experience in the growth of consciousness. Maharishi says that the Brahma Sutras express the standard possible experiences between the development of one fullness, which is nothing other than the Absolute, to the concrete value of the other fullness, which is nothing other than the total relative field of life. As such, the study of the Brahma Sutras supports the development of consciousness to the supreme level of Unity Consciousness.

In 2007, Maharishi asked Dr. Warburton to review the various areas of the Vedic literature in the light of the unique exposition of Total Knowledge developed under Maharishi’s guidance over the previous four years and presented in Dr. Warburton’s four-part course on Maharishi’s Total Knowledge. The framework of Total Knowledge — the full exposition of Maharishi’s Vedic Science — naturally provides deep insight into each area of the Vedic literature.

These courses are proving most inspiring for the course participants, leading to profound experiences. By popular demand MIU Continuing Education is offering this unique course on “Brahma Sutras in the Light of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge”.

This 12-lesson live online course includes:

  • Systematic exposition of Total Knowledge contained in the Brahma Sutras
  • Historic footage of Maharishi on the Brahma Sutras
  • Insights and stories from archival treasures of Dr. Vernon Katz, who worked closely with Maharishi on his commentary on the Brahma Sutras (as documented in Dr. Katz’s two volumes of Conversations with Maharishi)
  • Maharishi’s favorite sutras
  • Recitation of the Brahma Sutras by Maharishi Vedic Pandits
  • And more.

Please note that this course is not the same course given at MIU in 2017 with Dr. Warburton and Dr. Katz. This new course is designed to cover this subject more systematically and comprehensively and will offer more recordings of Maharishi. Also, the video of Dr. Katz which will be included in this course, will not be from the MIU course in 2017. However, the 2017 course is still highly recommended and available. If interested, please email for details.

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Reviews from this course offered previously in the UK

Raja Peter, thank you. The course is just wonderful! I love the simplicity, beauty, truth, and power. … I can experience the total fullness expressed in the Sutras. —CG

Very enlightening. Thank you – Jai Guru Dev —SB

You are making Brahman Consciousness seem imminent and accessible. —JW

Very grateful for this course. Jai Guru Dev —FB

Thank you for enlivening Brahm in our world, in our lives! —KD

These courses make me wish I could sit in a room for hours with you and everyone just asking the questions that arise from hearing this knowledge! —TL

This course gave me a big boost in my understanding of the Vedas as brought to light by Maharishi. —RH

Well organized. Well presented. —SM

This course was a real heart-opener. From the fullness of my heart sprung an understanding of the Brahma Sutras as never before. —MR

Wonderful experience to sink into the knowledge for a few hours each day. —BF

Course Leader

Peter Warburton, PhD

Dr. Peter Warburton currently oversees the Transcendental Meditation® organization in several countries, including the UK, Bulgaria, UAE, and Zambia. He has a Master’s Degree in social and political sciences from Cambridge University and a doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace.

Dr. Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr. Warburton to offer courses in Total Knowledge, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.

In more normal times, Dr. Warburton travels extensively to teach Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australasia, to Asia, to Europe, and to North America.


Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
Yes, either the TM-Sidhi® course; or TM® course plus comfort and familiarity with many of the terms and concepts used in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM.

Will I receive CE credit for this course?
Upon completion of this course, participants who would like a Certificate of Completion and 1.5 units of CE credit will receive them.

How long are the videos available to view?
Videos of the course sessions are available to view for at least one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting the the third class.


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