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Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part One

Five stars  “An amazing example of experiential learning that took me to places I had no way of anticipating.” — LW  More reviews >

This course consists of twelve 90-minute videos to view online at your convenience. Videos are available for one year after signing up. Learn more about Part Two >    Learn more about Part Three >    Learn more about Part Four >

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Course Leader: Peter Warburton, PhD

Course Fee:

  • $125 general tuition fee
  • $75 discounted course fee for full-time students, full-time TM organization staff, and low-income retirees
  • India, South Africa, and certain other countries have a discounted rate of $35. Please locate your country in the form and find and enter your rate.

Prerequisites: Suitable for all Meditators, as well as Sidhas and TM® Teachers/Governors.

Course Description

Over a period of more than 50 years teaching around the world, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought out a vast range of knowledge of higher states of consciousness. And in his last few years he developed a systematic curriculum to introduce everyone to this very special knowledge in an easily grasped manner. Maharishi assigned Dr. Peter Warburton to present this course worldwide. We are delighted that, for the first time, it is now available online to Meditators around the world.

This new 12-lesson Total Knowledge course features a selection of Maharishi’s talks, as well as discussion, exercises, and engaging personal stories of life with Maharishi to illustrate the knowledge for everyone.

Course Leader

Dr. Peter Warburton

Dr. Peter Warburton

Dr. Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation® technique, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr. Warburton to offer these unique Total Knowledge courses, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Dr. Warburton travels extensively to teach Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australia to Asia to Europe to North America.


(83- Five Stars; 13 – Four Stars; 5 – Three Stars; 0 – Two Stars; 0 – One Star)

Five stars  “Enlightening!” —Alice Nicholson

Five stars  “A profoundly enjoyable experience for me. Raja Peter’s anecdotal stories about Maharishi are such a delight. Peter’s knowledge and understanding bring such depth to the subject and are a constant encouragement to me to continue to delve into the unknown, to sojourn with the uncomfortableness of the unclear, and yet to constantly remind me of the creative power of the void and the unmanifest.

“I truly look forward to this continuing lifelong awakening in Part Two.
Thank you for all that you do to keep MIU’s Continuing Education the viable and valuable source of wisdom that it is.”
—Maggie Dorsey

Five stars  “Amazing knowledge, exciting, especially to me. And if you are interested in the science and experience of higher consciousness, this would be a class you would like.” —Joy Day

Five stars  “It builds coherence as it discusses the Source underlying all that is. It’s a beautiful integrative approach, with an extraordinary guide in Peter.” —Ronald White

Five stars  “To advanced Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors, I’d say: the Total Knowledge Course is, indeed, that – Maharishi’s gift of Total Knowledge, all his knowledge, for us, and structured such that we can grow in consciousness, evolution, just from taking the course.” —Mary Webster

Five stars  This course has brought to light what it really means to have knowledge and wisdom, accessible through the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. —Alan Eduardo Cruz Ruiz

Five stars  Beautiful combination of experience and understanding. —David Ponder

Five stars  “An extraordinary course. Joyful, profound and exhilarating at the same time. The learning is beautifully structured, the theories are decorated with wonderful anecdotes. Uplifting, inspiring, and energizing. Peter’s sharing of his time with Maharishi is the icing on the cake. Many thanks to you all.” —Peter Kerridge

Five stars  “This is an enjoyable and engaging way to experience the growth of higher states of consciousness through the study of them.” —Jim Davis

Five stars  “If the course calls you, SIGN UP!” —Peter Lee

Five stars  “You should join the course: awesome knowledge and great stories and insight about being with Maharishi.” —Gary McCarty

Five stars  “Maharishi spent the last four years of his life relating all his knowledge, with the intention that this knowledge be shared.” —Susan Bukacek

Five stars  “This is a wonderful course explaining the basics of TM and going far beyond what I had learned either in my instruction or in my readings. I highly recommend it, and please stick with it, because the best is in the last half of the course.” —Cary Cox

Five stars  “Absolutely an amazing course. Peter’s teaching style is brilliant, gentile, and enlightening.” —Gordon Morris

Five stars  “That there is such an organized nature to Nature and our life, and the specificity with which Maharishi details it, is not just extraordinary, but inspiring and comforting at the same time.” —Carole Capriotti-May

Five stars  “I loved the course and have been a Meditator for 47 years. In the past, I went on a lot of residence courses, but eventually a job and marriage took priority and my meditation became irregular. But I always knew how beneficial it was and would be again. Since retiring I have started meditating very regularly again, and look forward to taking more classes online and hopefully in person soon. I feel so much better about everything when I meditate.” —Cindy Brown

Five stars  “Dr. Warburton said that this course is not just for learning *about* seven states of consciousness, but rather it is for *developing* higher states. (I paraphrase) I do feel that this is an accurate description of how the course works.” —Anne Martha Melfi

Five stars  “If you take this course, you will know more about EVERYTHING there is to know, all disciplines, because you will be in full possession of the KNOWER, which is your Self.” —Frederick P Blume Jr.

Five stars  “I found this course inspiring and a wonderful thing to listen to amidst the reality of the what is going on in the physical world.” —Lisa Malik

Five stars  “I have found my tribe… those who are interested in and speak to those things that interest me and fill me with a wonderful sense of expansion and purpose.” —Ginny (Virginia) McMillen

Five stars  “Meeting God.” —Nina Rodd

Five stars  “This course is completely live and I don’t mean on zoom. It is live because it is alive in your awareness. The feelings and experiences that arise from understanding natural law are most vivid. By understanding the definition, the ideal, how to achieve the ideal and connect it to the Unified Field, anything is learnable and nothing is hidden. This course has touched my heart at the deepest level.” —Tommy Brooks

Five stars  “I would highly recommend this course. It added so much to my experience and TM practice. I loved learning more about both the history of how the Total Knowledge was given to us from Maharishi and learning how he interpreted the major areas of knowledge. One of my favorite things was how he said that the real ideal of law is ruling with love. I feel this (among many other things) is the truth I have always known deep down.” —Jen Sipila

Five stars  “A revelation that unfolds as it proceeds… important!” —David Plaine

Five stars  “Very valuable to any Meditator or Sidha. Not to be passed over!” —Don Fox

Five stars  “This course beautifully connects the various fields of relative knowledge with the source of each field at the source, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. It then connects this knowledge with deepening our own personal experience in consciousness, aided by beautiful videos of Maharishi. The course felt magical being taught by Dr. Peter, who teaches from the heart at all times, and who generously shared his personal experiences with Maharishi with us.” —Ulrike

Five stars  “This course is beyond profound – we learn the fundamental truth of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. This is a divine experience!” —Alison Burt

Five stars  “If you’ve ever had any fear or uncertainty in your life, the Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness course will help you find that strength, from within, by knowing God.” —Stig Plantell

Five stars  “Magical. I actually felt joy & bliss after every session.” —Mary Riley

Five stars  “The course is an exposition of basic Vedic concepts thru the lens of Transcendental Meditation to expand consciousness.” —Thomas V. Tupper

Five stars  “This course is a beautiful, step-by-step unfoldment of all of Maharishi’s knowledge, where Total Knowledge is understood simultaneously with the experiences and qualities of Higher States of Consciousness. The course is a lovely combination of deep knowledge from Maharishi, personal anecdotes from Dr. Warburton that help illustrate the points of the lessons, and personal exercises that help deepen one’s understanding of Total Knowledge. Even as a longtime TM practitioner and Sidha, I learned so much. I am so grateful for this knowledge. Dr. Warburton is a wonderful, joyful teacher who makes the knowledge simple to understand through his explanations, stories, and expertise in answering all questions.” —Mariel Day

Five stars  “It is a most precious course about Maharishi’s Vedic Science, where we are entrusted with the supreme, total, and most advanced knowledge Maharishi had to give when he tells us what HE SEES.” —Gabi Hillmann-Westermeier

Five stars  “Before this course, I knew intellectually that consciousness is all there is, experienced that consciousness is all there is during my TM program, and experienced awareness of consciousness along with activity. This course added the experience that Raja Peter is giving a guided tour of the field of consciousness. The Unified Field displayed in waking state of consciousness becomes clearer, more accessible, and more understood from participating in Raja Peter’s course. It’s hands-on instruction in the experience of living enlightenment in daily life – concretely, not abstractly; experientially, as well as emotionally and intellectually. Jai Guru Dev.” —Judy White

Five stars  “This course is blissful!! It has deepened my silence and bliss. Dr. Warburton explains with wonderful stories that allow the participants to understand and meet you where you are. The talk by Maharishi is life changing. I saw his luminosity and field of light. My practice has been brought to another level of transcendence.” —Cheryl A. Johnson

Five stars  “This course is the basic element that is the starting level to a complete program of knowledge that ends with the total transformation of the person to a supreme level, where he lives in great happiness and unity with all, not needing to acquire any more knowledge: the end of the Veda.” —Vroudhaya Appadoo

Five stars  “I would say to my friend that I was sitting in front of a fountain of knowledge, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers… You have to come with me.” —Nader W. Zebian

Five stars  “Essential information to know where you’re at and where you are going if you are a Meditator, or what you need to do if you’re not.” —Max Lund

Five stars  “It is Total Knowledge given to Peter to be shared for all who take this course. So much needed, as we grow in consciousness, to understand more clearly the pure knowledge MAHARISHI GAVE TO THE WHOLE WORLD. This knowledge I recommend highly for all of us, as experience and knowledge are both necessary as we grow in consciousness. It will be very valuable on your path to UC. YOU SEE.
“Also, the charts are very clear in describing the essence of all areas of life. The whole course is enlivening our awareness, enlightening us.”
—Stephen Johnson

Five stars  “It was one of the most blissful experiences one could have!” —Margaret Olson

Five stars  “The knowledge you gain from taking this course will open your heart and mind to more of Maharishi’s teachings. Dr. Peter Warburton is a positive and relatable teacher who combines the subject with interesting and enlightening personal stories and anecdotes to illustrate his points.” —Lisa Blighton

Five stars  “Maharishi’s deepest, most profound knowledge that encompasses the whole of his teaching, a framework that clarifies both the manifest and unmanifest, interspersed with delightful stories from the Puran (Raja Peter).” —Susi Halley

Five stars  “An in-depth analysis of your consciousness. More specifically, your access to your internal intelligence.” —Jennifer Lin

Five stars  “Exactly as the name of the course – Total knowledge – with a bigger picture to life itself. [It presents] disciplines which are not taught in any educational institute.” —Azita

Five stars  “An introduction to the stages of consciousness, how we progress through higher states, and how knowledge disciplines are rooted in the field of total knowledge.” —DM

Five stars  “Beginning primer for understanding higher states of consciousness, with fascinating stories of Dr. Peter’s personal experiences with MMY.” —SA

Five stars  “Total Knowledge in one view of all the disciplines of life.” —GS

Five stars  “This was a great course to connect the science of my head to the knowledge in my heart that I have discovered through TM.” —CJ

Five stars  “It is a course that not only brings in the intellectual part of the TM knowledge and higher states of consciousness, but also the heart of it. Also, Dr. Warburton’s presentation is clear, with interesting stories.” —MW

Five stars  “An opportunity to learn more about TM, with the principles and clarification of energies for better knowledge.” —LV

Five stars  “This is a wonderful course covering Total Knowledge. Peter is a great teacher of this course. He makes the knowledge so clear and easy to understand. He tells great stories of his experience with Maharishi and his own experiences. He is so easy going and a pleasure to listen to.” —KR

Five stars  “This course is a direct path to the deepest mind to have spoken to the world in the 20th century. Don’t miss Raja Peter’s most intimate portrayal of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s gift of Total Knowledge to all mankind.” —BC

Five stars  “A beautiful course that gives one experiences of finer levels of knowledge and the most powerful levels of creation. It gives one insight into how Maharishi teaches to bring one’s awareness to pure awareness.” —SP

Five stars  “An enjoyable, easily understandable course explaining in detail Maharishi’s Total Knowledge charts and description of the Higher States of Consciousness. The course is taught by Dr. Peter Warburton, who studied with Maharishi for many years. Dr. Peter includes many personal stories about his interactions with Maharishi, as well as insights into his personal path of inner development.” —CG

Five stars  “The Total Knowledge course, Part One, is an eye- and heart-opening experience.” —LF

Five stars  “An amazing example of experiential learning that took me to places I had no way of anticipating.” —LW

Five stars  “Truly inspired knowledge that can be verified through our experience with TM. This brought me to another level of appreciation for Maharishi’s knowledge, so lovingly given to us at this time. His teaching for me spans from 1972 at Humboldt, when Maharishi taught SCI, to the present day, when I am truly ready to receive this gift. Jai Guru Dev.” —LH

Five stars  “This course is an inspiration and affirmation to know about and experience one’s own Totality.” —DD

Five stars  “Blissful, informative, floating in Maharishi’s knowledge.” —AR

Five stars  “Very enjoyable and educational about TM.” —DA

Five stars  “This course is about consciousness and Maharishi’s precious knowledge.” —ST

Five stars  A series of chats with a sincere, brilliant, humble-yet-emerging-full-fledged member of the Holy Tradition, Dr. Peter Warburton.” —EL

Five stars  “This course is extremely inspirational, illuminating Maharishi’s knowledge, and providing a greater understanding of our own experience of Transcendental Consciousness. In addition, Dr. Warburton beautifully relates his own stories of working with Maharishi to concepts in the course.” —KL

Five stars  “Not having taken a TM course in almost forty years, I was immediately drawn into the knowledge and environment through Dr. Peter’s sharing. It was all familiar, and the wisdom I thought I had missed or forgotten long ago was enlivened by the course instruction and the relaxed way it was presented. Several times I transcended what was being said on the screen, but knew that I was being given Maharishi’s direct knowledge, as I came back and heard exactly what I needed to understand in the moment. There was always a feeling of kinship with Dr. Peter, host Paul, and in correspondence with Mary. Just like we are family and there was no separation at all. I experience a love that is truly a feeling of community and a sense of belonging with others moving (floating) in the same direction together. It is like I had just stepped out of the room in September 1979 in Fairfield and returned just a few minutes later. I am home and there is nothing to worry about.” — AF

Five stars  “I experienced the course as enlightening, soothing, and full of aha’s. Dr. Warburton’s knowledge and teaching style make it a pleasure and easy to learn. Maharishi’s video talks are spellbinding and, surprisingly, include shared oh-so-gentle belly laughs that are unifying and joyful all at the same time. The course filled in many blanks in my mind about the nature of consciousness and the process of divine creation. Looking forward with great enthusiasm to Part 2 of this course. In appreciation of the wisdom that is shared to expand well-being and joy. Thanks to all, including Mary and Paul, who participated in the creation and delivery of this course.” —MC

Five stars  “I would recommend this course to understand self and the connection to all that is. It is an introductory course that will cause you to grow and seek more. Dr. Warburton has amazing knowledge and stories that help to provide context and understanding.” —BA

Five stars  “I would recommend it to a friend and describe it as being ideal education.” —RS

Five stars  “This course is transformational: physically, mentally, emotionally, experientially! I was a skeptic when Dr. Peter explained that this course is WHOLE KNOWLEDGE-TOTAL KNOWLEDGE – and that the effects are really deep, etc. He is right!! I have taken a huge evolutionary leap in just these six weeks, 12 sessions. I am more relaxed, I have more energy, I am sleeping better, I feel clearer. I am more motivated, I am accomplishing more. I am happier. I love the course material and Dr. Peter’s presentation of the course materials. He is extremely knowledgeable, organized, can answer all questions, keeps the course well paced, has interesting stories and examples. And I like Dr. Peter’s sense of humor. Everyone needs to take this course asap and as many times as they can… I hope I can take this course many, many times. It is extraordinary. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.” —CL

Five stars  “Don’t ask questions. Just sign up for the course and enjoy your good fortune of having stumbled upon it!” —AR

Four stars  “A technical embroidery to the experience of TM – a 21st century revisitation of a major 20th century (and earlier) philosopher.” —Helen Vanderberg

Four stars  “An excellent introduction to Maharishi’s larger teachings.” —DB

Four stars  “This first course reminded me a bit of a tasting menu in a fine restaurant – whetting my appetite, while helping me determine what I would like as a main course, while providing a clear explanation of the higher levels of consciousness and Maharishi’s vision of Total Knowledge.” —JL

Four stars  “Part 1 is an extremely slow, elementary creeping along of Maharishi’s layout of States of Consciousness and of Total Knowledge. The course is Peter’s display of his calm, focused floating consciousness.” —RP

Four stars  “This course provided exposure to the Fields of Knowledge, their unification into one field, and their practical application to daily life activities. This course provided wonderful explanations of the different states of consciousness and how one flows into the other, including a knock-it-out- of-the-ballpark tape of Maharishi in lessons 11 and 12!” —SF

Three stars“I would suggest my friend take the other ‘Higher States’ course that centers around Maharishi’s lectures from 1970-1972. I listened to them in 1973 and 1974 at my SCI and Teacher Training courses, and listening to them this summer (I took that course, too), I was amazed (although I shouldn’t have been) at how Maharishi actually laid out the future in those lectures. I get the same feeling from re-reading The Science of Being and Art of Living. It’s all there. Unified Field. Everything. I suggest analyzing Maharishi’s book might be a good online course.” —John Graham

Three stars“A primer on Vedic Science; Vendanta philosophy presented as fact.” —RL

Three stars“A very detailed description of how everything has its roots in a plane called the Unified Field and how we can access that field and benefit ourselves and humanity through doing this.” —LC

Three stars“Sometimes inspiring, other times hard to wrap one’s head around it all.” —JK


Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
This course is suitable for all Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers

How long are the videos available to view?
Recorded lessons are available to view online at your convenience for one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at ce@miu.edu. Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting the third class.

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