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LinLin and Andy B Lean SummitaFollowing the publication of “Leaning Away from Standard Costing” in the June 2016 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Strategic Finance, Dr. Andrew Bargerstock and PhD Student Ye Shi were  invited to speak at the Lean Accounting Summit (LAS) in San Antonio on August 26th. Dr. Bargerstock will lead a break-out session to explore why mature lean manufacturing companies continue to hold onto standard costing and variance analysis despite the prediction by lean accounting literature that it would be discarded as a wasteful practice.

Last week (early July 2016), both Bargerstock and Ye Shi were informed that they will receive Lean Enterprise Institute awards at LAS for excellence in guiding thought development and research in the field of Lean Accounting.  Bargerstock will be given the Excellence in Lean Accounting Professor of the Year award for 2016, which is his second recognition by LEI (first came in 2009). Ye Shi will receive her second award as Lean Accounting Student of the Year for 2016 (first came in 2013).  Doctoral students at Maharishi International University have received Lean Student awards three times since 2011.

The first PhD student to win the Lean Student Award was Manjunath Rao, whose dissertation empirically demonstrated what had previously been an anecdotally observed inconsistency between Lean Accounting theory and practice. Rao and Bargerstock published two peer-reviewed articles on this research in the academic journal of the Institute for Management Accountants, Management Accounting Quarterly, in 2011 and 2013.