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Vedic Calendar in the Light of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge

“If you have any curiosity about the Devata and the Vedic Calendar, this amazing, informative class is for you! Raja Peter’s wonderful stories illustrate the points, and the videos of Maharishi overflow with knowledge.” —MW

This course is available as a self-study course.
Videos are available to view online for one year from signing up.

Course Leader: Peter Warburton, PhD

Course Fee:

  • $125 general course fee
  • $75 discounted course fee for full-time students, full-time TM organization staff, and low-income retirees.
  • Some countries might have a discounted course fee of $35 or $65. To find out about your country, please check the list in the sign-up form.

First Lesson is Free: View Lesson One here.

Prerequisite: TM-Sidhi® course, or TM® course, plus at least one Total Knowledge course by Dr. Peter Warburton would be helpful.

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Course Description

Calendar is courtesy of Global Good News website.

MIU Department of Continuing Education takes great pleasure in presenting a special seasonal course with Dr. Peter Warburton: “Awakening the Laws of Nature: Vedic Calendar in the Light of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge.”

Maharishi says, “In the Vedic calendar, each day is attributed to some Devata.” Through Dr. Warburton’s courses on Maharishi’s Total Knowledge, we have clearly seen the role of the Devata – the infinite organizing power that emerges from the field of absolute Silence. We have learned that the field of Being, Transcendental Consciousness, is the field “in which reside all the devas, the impulses of Creative Intelligence, the Laws of Nature, responsible for the whole manifest universe.”

During October and November some of the most important days in the yearly Vedic calendar take place. In 2007, Maharishi’s unfoldment of Total Knowledge included profound talks about each of these days, including:

  • Vijaya Dashami (Day of Invincibility)
  • Dhanvantari Jayanti (Day of the Custodian of Ayurveda)
  • Hanuman Jayanti (Day of Awakening of the Power of Action)
  • Mahalakshmi (Day of the Inexhaustible Source of Affluence)
  • Deva Prabodhini (Day of Administration through Silence).

In response to requests from course participants, this course will focus on the role of Devata and the Vedic calendar, as highlighted by these and other special talks by Maharishi. There will be:

  • Beautiful Vedic recitations
  • Charts designed under Maharishi’s guidance
  • Rare talks by Maharishi
  • Delightful interactive discussions and stories.

In the previous course, Forty Aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature, Maharishi revealed that the study and practice of the Veda is the simplest possible thing on earth and in heaven because it is the study of one’s own consciousness. In this course, we will discover the powerful impact of this knowledge in our own lives and that of the world in which we live.


  “This course is inspiring beyond words. The tapes are marvelous, so deep, so evolutionary, meaningful, expansive. Raja Peter is dear to our hearts. He is so calm and wise. He keeps our interest with the way the course flows, trying to keep all in balance. I think I have watched all of Raja Peter’s courses, but this may be the best, with the amazing tapes, evolutionary content, and all of our consciousnesses growing toward enlightenment.” —EM

  “I have a deepening appreciation of the Vedic celebrations, and increased understanding of the practical importance of celebrating the Vedic Calendar. Raja Peter’s deep understanding and love of the Devatas enrich my life.” —Judy White

  “I love this course. Knowing the Devata & Days of Celebration is a ‘Eureka’! I feel my home is happier & warmer with Devata enlivened in ‘parame vyomen’.” —PN

  “This course tells us about the devatas and how they are enlivened in our world through Total Natural Law. I was so happy to learn about the devatas and their relationships to humans, and how they are a part of us.” —Alison Burt

  “A wonderful exposition of Maharishi’s Knowledge and the laws of nature as they manifest in our physiology and all of creation. I always love more personal stories from Raja Peter. The chanting is a wonderful addition.” —RB

  “It’s an excellent course, adding value to life by enhancing our daily experiences. It’s like a yagya. The Vedic calendar and its celebrations are tied into our evolution. It is Brahman incarnate.” —CK

  “This course is wonderful because it is not just theoretical. It also awakens the Devata in us in reality; so it is very practical. This course was the first time I have experienced the Devata (especially Hanuman) giving me energy, strength, and bliss. It helped me realize that the auspicious Vedic days are very practical and are a part of me.” —Jeffrey Anderson

  “Really enjoyable course — it will very much appeal to those who wish to consider more refined and spiritual values. Do a Vedic Calendar, Part 2. This course seemed to fly by too quickly. There’s scope for more.” —KM

  “Intellectually fascinating. It will take me time to digest all the new information from the course. I have been taking Total Knowledge Courses for the last 6 months. I have been meditating now for 50 years. I have always listened silently to all of Dr. Warburton’s speaking. I find his personal stories fascinating.” —Anonymous

  “If you have any curiosity about the Devata and the Vedic Calendar, this amazing, informative class is for you! Raja Peter’s wonderful stories illustrate the points, and the videos of Maharishi overflow with knowledge.” —Mary Webster

Course Leader

Dr. Peter Warburton

Peter Warburton, PhD

Dr. Peter Warburton currently oversees the Transcendental Meditation® organization in several countries, including the UK, Bulgaria, UAE, and Zambia. He has a Master’s Degree in social and political sciences from Cambridge University and a doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace.

Dr. Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr. Warburton to offer courses in Total Knowledge, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.

In more normal times, Dr. Warburton travels extensively to teach Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australasia, to Asia, to Europe, and to North America.


Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
This is an advanced course for TM Teachers and graduates of the TM-Sidhi course, plus those Meditators who have a familiarity and comfort with many of the terms and concepts used in Maharishi’s Total Knowledge.

How long are the videos available to view?
Videos are available to view for at least one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at ce@miu.edu. Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting the third class.

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