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Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part Three

Maharishi's Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part Three * images of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Dr. Peter Warburton

“This course is one of the most profound and transformational courses I’ve ever taken!” —RB

Course Dates: This 12-lesson course was recorded from October – December 1, 2020, and it is now an online, self-study course which you can view at your convenience. Each lesson is approximately 1.5 hours.

Free First Lesson from Part One Click here.

Course Leader: Peter Warburton, PhD

Course Fee: $75 (Special course fee for this coronavirus time.)

Prerequisites: Part Two of this course, which is now available as an online self-study course, or equivalent. This course is suitable for all Meditators, all Sidhas, and all TM Teachers/Governors.

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Course Description

Once again led for us by Dr. Warburton in his inimitable style, the course includes charts developed with Maharishi, special recordings of Maharishi, exercises and discussions via Zoom, as well as fascinating stories of a lifetime of experience working closely with Maharishi.

In Part Three of this unique four-part series, Dr. Warburton shows how all the different elements of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge — understood through Parts One and Two of this course – fit together in one unified wholeness. The core of the course will be a special chart that provides a comprehensive vision of all aspects of Maharishi’s Vedic Science as brought out over the years.

This four-part series on Maharishi’s Total Knowledge provides the fundamental building blocks on the basis of which the course participant naturally grows in the ability to see the whole of life in the context of Total Knowledge.

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Course Leader

Peter Warburton, PhD
Peter Warburton, PhD

Dr. Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation® technique, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr. Warburton to offer these unique Total Knowledge courses, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Dr. Warburton is Chief Executive of Maharishi Foundation in the UK as well as the leader of numerous sister organizations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He has been teaching Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe and in the USA at MIU. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australia to Asia to Europe to North America.


(81 – Five Stars; 8 – Four Stars; 1 – Three Stars; 0 – Two Stars; 0 – One Star)

  “It is the best course I’ve ever attended.” —P

  “For any Sidha or long-time Meditator, this course should be considered essential.” —Don Fox

  “I think it is the greatest knowledge one could have in this lifetime and I cannot thank you enough, Raja Peter, for being here with us and giving it out. It is perfect. I could listen to it forever.” —GHW

  “Very enjoyable course.” —DA

  “A wonderful course intellectually. Dr. Warburton radiates bliss and total Knowledge.” —Jeffrey Rewoldt

  “Very informative and inspiring to go deeper into knowledge and experience.” —AA

  “The content of the course is soooo interesting and the personal stories of Raja Peter with Maharishi make it even more interesting. And it is great to be surrounded by wise and spiritual classmates and listen to their stories and experiences.” —Nafiseh Emadmostofi

  “This is a beautiful course where Maharishi passes on his knowledge of the Veda. Personal stories from Raja Peter were very helpful and much appreciated.” —Susan Tirabassi

  “This course has changed my life!” —Tommy Brooks

  “If you want a good summary of Maharishi’s teaching of Vedic wisdom and its dynamics, there is no better course than this.” —AA

  “These courses are clarifying and answering for me questions I’ve held all my life. They are imparting the foundation and at the same time the pinnacle of Maharishi’s knowledge. To study with Raja Peter is a great privilege.” —Susi Halley

  “I tell my meditator friends to take it ASAP! And I continue to tell non-meditating friends to hurry up and learn TM. :-)” —Autum Leigh

  “This course is one of the most profound and transformational courses I’ve ever taken! As the knowledge unfolds, I feel that I am being unfolded!” —RB

  “Blissful, structuring wholeness, nourishing. All of these classes help stabilize intellectually the understanding of how silence is in the fabric of dynamism and dynamism is in the fabric of silence.” —Linda Spitzfaden

  “This course unfolds in exquisite detail the creative science and wisdom complete in the Veda.” —Caryl Grant

  “I’ve expressed to several Governor friends that this course is a must, that delving into Reality, the source of creation, can be life-changing.” —Mary Webster

  “This course is a life saver. Take it!” —Suzanne Araas Vesely

  “This course is a very delightful presentation of Maharishi’s knowledge. It is presented in an unhurried, story-filled manner with top-notch teaching, full of love and appreciation for the students. Its very rich content is made to feel accessible and even simple enough to be grasped without effort. The results for me have been better, more blissful, and deeper programs; more joyful days; and clearer understanding of the mechanics of life.” —VM

  “It’s a beautiful and enjoyable course… A deep dive into the Nature of Consciousness and how it is creative in a definite and reliable and knowable sequence of unfoldment. Shortcut: TM 2X day, Sidhis.” —PN

  “After decades of practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi program, the enlivenment I’ve gained in the program from exposure to the intellectual and experiential knowledge offered in this course has been beyond my expectations.” —SA

  “Learn TM so you can take this course and see how to experience the manifestation of your desires.” —JL

  “It feels like an actual ‘immersion’ into pure knowledge… eternity. The chart ‘Curriculum at a Glance-3’ by itself is reason to take the course.” —Anon

  “The course describes and shows visually how everything in life is created from within Life Itself, from the minute to the cosmic, including all fields of knowledge, and that it’s all available at all times on the level of one’s own consciousness.” —Ulrike B. Selleck

  “Mind-blowing, yet reassuring of the bliss of existence.” —Carole Capriotti-May

  “Simply by being present in the course, one experiences an uplifting of spirit.” —MR

  “I would recommend that one takes Courses 1 and 2 first to establish a better foundation of understanding, as this course goes deeper into the field of Totality.” —Mary Araas-Wright

  “Wonderful course! Quite intensive though, but full of profound knowledge from Maharishi, explained by a great teacher and storyteller, Dr. Warburton.” —TS

  “The course is about the intellectual understanding of the field of transcendence. It is an immensely enriching and transformative experience. I’m so grateful to Raja Peter for his loving way of presenting Maharishi’s knowledge.” —Davor Ciglar

  “An overview of Maharishi’s final teaching, not available elsewhere. Love the encyclopedia chart. It brought out details I was unaware of, like connections to the other mandalas. It also brings together many key points.” —DB

  “Very deep knowledge of Atma and the Gap.” —GSG

  “Beautiful, consciousness-expanding experience.” —ND

  “This course is like being taken back to the beginning of ‘all that is, was, and ever shall be’. Raja Peter takes you on a journey, if you open your heart and mind to it, of how and why to delve into the knowledge of the ages. Even if you cannot grasp the concepts, the energy imparted in this course is sure to bring bliss and peace to your being.” —Joy Day

  “It’s a course that explains your experiences during TM and your experiences outside of TM.” —Anon

  “In this course, your knowledge of life itself will expand to Total Knowledge, which you can relate it to any aspect of life and its practicality. I really enjoyed the course.” —AML

  “I benefitted greatly from Raja Peter’s kind teaching, and his way of bringing the information about in several approaches to make it more familiar.” —Donna Mueller

  “The course is an advanced exploration of the science of consciousness.” —James Balakier

  “Wonderful.” —AR

  “This course is beyond words, excellent, a must-take for your own understanding of your own evolution to Brahman. Raja Peter, you reflect the teaching so clearly it is almost like pure knowledge of Maharishi teaching.” —SJ

  “To a friend who meditates, I would describe Total Knowledge as the potential of our ever-growing experience through meditation by which we begin to truly know ourselves.” —Anon

  “This course will change your life!” —Dr. Gilda M. Anroman

  “Just a little simpler language in the later portions of these Part 3 classes would be helpful for novices like me!” —Anne Vonick

  “Fascinating, deep, and complex basis of Maharishi’s teaching and philosophy that is the basis of the TM program.” —Thomas Tupper

  “The title of the course truly lives up to its name, Total Knowledge, and seems to act like an advanced technique, as it stirs my consciousness to higher and higher vibrations, higher states of consciousness. The stories from Raja Peter are so inspiring, the knowledge is so keen and deep. The only way to improve on it would be to review it again, because it is so full of knowledge, something I plan on doing.” —Gary McCarty

  “I would describe this course to a friend as an ‘awakening.’ Now, awakening will happen differently for each of us, so perhaps a better way to describe the course would be as a ‘beautiful opportunity to awaken’ the light within. Also, an opportunity to see an expanded version of one’s self.” —Dr. Gilda M. Anroman

  “The course is incredibly enlightening.” —Richard Dietzel

  “Deep and clear understanding of what Total Knowledge is. I have been very fortunate that I have been introduced to the Total Knowledge courses.” —Prince Pabbies

  “A series of chats with a 21st century member of the Holy Tradition, Raja Peter Warburton, illuminating Total Knowledge, East and West.” —EPL

  “Where does everything in creation come from? What brings it about? How does it unfold? What does that have to do with me? What am I? Part 3 provides a mind blowing, revolutionary way to understand the answers to these questions. It’s like having a behind-the-scenes, detailed view of how everything we know and even the things we’ve lost our sight of, come out of our own consciousness, and what that means for the potentiality of ourselves and all of creation.” —Terry Laird

  “Maharishi designed this course to convey all his knowledge. I feel he is doing so in me. Raja Peter takes me step by step to understand what he presents. Even when I don’t understand, I get more familiar with the material and some pieces come together in a way that gives me additional understanding intellectually, and more importantly, that structures my inner knowing more clearly and solidly.” —Judy White

  “This course is an expansion of consciousness. Literally. I have finally gotten some real answers to some extraordinary experiences that have occurred in my body and in my life when in a meditative state.” —Anon

  “Like everything Maharishi offered to Mankind, this course reaches in to the core of Being and transforms life — how we see the world, and therefore live in the world — through the deep secrets of why life is like it is, its eternal, dynamic, and utter Goodness. Raja Peter delivers Maharishi as if it were Maharishi himself, with simplicity and humor, and absolute truth to Maharishi’s knowledge. And raises our lives once again with the vigor of flowing force of life of the Master.” —Catherine Berude

  “This course delves deeply into the very beginning of the absolute structure which will become the framework for everything relative and manifest, the multiverses which we can comprehend and those which we cannot yet fathom.” —Alison Burt

  “The course is a nice expression of Maharishi’s Knowledge. It focuses on relationships. The self-interacting dynamics of the structure of the Self (Atma) and its relationship to the structure of the universe is thoroughly reviewed in depth.” —DE

  “A very blissful and thorough presentation of ‘Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness’ taught by an expert in the field, Dr. Peter Warburton, who was working directly for Maharishi since the early seventies.” —CJ

  “The course lays out in great detail how this world and those of us in it are created.” —Anon

  “I highly recommend this course of Raja Peter, who was cultured by our Master Maharishi to reflect the deepest truths in the simplest and purest form. I felt  Maharishi’s presence in the words and content of this course and my heart felt deep gratitude for this gift from the Master.” —WP

  “Every person should take this course and will get exactly what they need. Do not be discouraged about what you don’t retain, because it is within you, we contain all of the knowledge. Trust in your own process of right timing. There is so much knowledge that I will be processing this for a lifetime. It has changed my meditation. My physiology has evolved. I need to take this course a few more times and I will! Dr. Warburton is the perfect teacher.” —Cheryl Johnson

  “The course is so sublime to me, however it is hard for me to describe it as I see other participants describe it so artistically. Quite a challenge!! But I know, I sense, I have experienced, and experience what Raja Peter so eloquently teaches: that I am it. You can find yourself (your layers) through acquiring this knowledge.” —Juliana Arias-Anderson

  “Massively transformational… but extremely crunchy. I was particularly quickened by my deepening understanding of the ‘flowing of creative Intelligence’… from silence to dynamism — collapsing into and out from a point that can only know itself.” —David Plaine

  “Once I learned how to take this course (by easily listening to it and enjoying it, whether I understood it or not), I gained much more from it. I was working too hard to obtain intellectual understanding. This course is associated with experiences similar to those I have had on rounding courses (IAA and in West Virginia with Purusha). I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the course, since it has deepened my experiences of transcendence in activity. It seems that Total Knowledge is more experiential than I imagined! This course is the most positive aspect of my life the past 4-5 months! Thank You!!!” —Jeffrey Anderson

  “The knowledge which was given by Raja Peter gave me a whole picture. And I see that all the details of the topic Total Knowledge were put together in a much more complete and holistic picture, so that I feel it more lively inside my self, and more and more I am aware that’s me.” —Achim Parchow

  “I remember as a child receiving a copy of the New Testament one Christmas and then struggling to understand John 1:1. My mother’s explanation as to what/who the ‘Word’ was, was not satisfactory. This course provides the answer.” —EVZ

  “This course answers many questions about the mechanics of manifestation and, in doing so, lights the way to ever-expanding awareness of Unity Consciousness. Priceless experiences of equanimity abound in this safe and supportive learning environment.” —Marilyn Crawford

  “Who is concerned where the darkness goes when the light is turned on? The further we go, the more and more the journey becomes brighter and brighter!” —Anon

  “This course answers the essential question of life: who am I? It enables you to know yourself at the level that is eternal, absolute, whole, and complete.” —Heathere Evans

  “Delving deeper and deeper into the layers of ATMA (the field of Total Knowledge) as given to us by Maharishi.” —Anon

  “Well worth while, of great value to my understanding of life. I mostly value Raja Peter’s teaching and also Maharishi’s lectures.” —Anon

  “This course is an enlightening journey that reveals deeper meanings to the reality of life and its meaning. I am very happy with the course. Dr. Warburton is very patient and explains in a manner that one can catch the meaning in a variety of ways. I appreciate his teaching style. Thank you.” —DE

  “The essence of this Part Three was the understanding of the characteristics of the Gap and how all matter emerges. It is the whole story of how consciousness is transformed into matter — how consciousness is physiology and physiology is consciousness. So beautiful and enlightening. All the questions regarding existence and who we are, where we are, and why we are — get answered!” —David A. Ponder

  “This course has really saved me during this Pandemic. It would have saved me even if there was no Pandemic! It is mind- and body-changing, in that mind and body develop to their fullest capabilities and awareness through the intellectual understanding and study of Transcendental Consciousness. I really love these courses so much and am so happy I am taking all four parts. It inspires me to keep learning and studying and taking more and more online courses through MIU, because putting one’s attention on Pure Knowledge is so very fulfilling and blissful. I would keep taking this course even if there were 10 parts to it! Thank you.” —Susan Petersen

  “This has been a very powerful course for me both in terms of gaining intellectual knowledge and realizing increased positive lifestyle changes. For instance, I am more organized in my daily activities. I have also noticed that I am more stable emotionally and not as overshadowed by my environment. Exciting changes!” —CL

  “Very deep knowledge. The course is designed by Maharishi himself, who is expert in Vedic Science.” —Harry Appadoo

  “From all the parts, Part 3 was great. It was a great connector to all the other parts. And the knowledge is integrating and accepting into my mind and body.” —Sameer (Sam) Syed

  “This course is the most important knowledge available to any sophisticated ‘neurophysiology’ that wants to understand its own nature, how it is a Knower, is also the process of knowing, as well as that which is known. I don’t know if there is a way to improve the course.” —Frederick P. Blume, Jr.

  “The product of this course is tremendous joy. In Part 3 we delved into a chart that unfolds transcendental emergence of Veda, the light of God. While a chart may seem a dry thing, the flavor of the course is the light of God and love. The chart Maharishi developed with his team is magnificent. He wanted to be sure to leave us the whole of his knowledge. I can’t wait for Part 4 of the course sequence. Those who were puzzled by the abstract material in the first part of the series now feel that the penny has dropped and they get it. That’s how effective this course experience is.” —Anne Martha Melfi

  “I would say it basically takes some of the scientific discoveries about our reality through Quantum Physics and expands it to explain consciousness and the origins of the universe. It’s not teaching the TM technique, but it’s giving the underlying process that leads you to higher states of consciousness.” —Cary Cox

  “This course will give you a better understanding of what is Veda and what the Vedic literature represents in regards to Creation.” —Daniel Teixeira Eloi Santos

  “I feel as though I am settling into the transcendent as the course proceeds. I have a feeling of profound growth.” —Ann Rappaport

  “In this portion of Total Knowledge, Maharishi unfolds the mechanics of Atma – the ‘lamp at the door’, as a living expression of Brahman, where one’s awareness when reaching and ‘gathering up’ the Light of God, from the home of all the Laws of Nature, will have the total support of Natural Law, free from mistakes, where every action is administered from the Constitution of the Universe.” —BH

  “A must, if you would like to have deep insights into total knowledge. Great teacher and so inspiring, with lots of personal stories included.” —YL

  “This course is perfectly enjoyable. Although I am viewing the sessions after the fact, so to speak, I still feel the connection.” —Andrew Towne

  “It such a wonderful course. I don’t understand some of the teachings, but have been put at ease by Raja Peter to just keep going, and in time the understanding and feeling will come to the heart.” —Julie Hammond

  “If you really want to gain the intellectual understanding of who you are and what is your relationship to the universe, then you should take this course.” —TGH

  “This is a great course to enhance Transcendental Meditation and the Siddhi Programme, because they naturally support one another — deepening both experience and knowledge through this mutual support.” —RK

  “I don’t know, but Raja Peter is amazing, so I will just take the course when it’s offered again. I should probably rate it a 5 instead of a 4, but I’m giving it a 4 because of my lack of understanding.” —Anon

  “In order to explain this course to a friend, I would say that to fully understand the Knowledge that Maharishi has been passing on to us for decades, this is The Course to Take. It provides us with a basic framework for understanding what Maharishi is talking about when he explains the manifestation of creation, the Veda.” —Manon Asselin

  “Transcendental Consciousness, which seems to be dark, empty, and absolute infinite nothingness is a dynamic Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature, full of endless possibilities.” —AH

  “Fascinating and immersive.” —Thomas Tupper

  “Maharishi’s perspective of the nature and reality of Veda and the process of creation.” —CT

  “This course is hard to describe, but worthwhile.” —JK

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Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness Part One and Two or equivalent. This course is suitable for all Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers.

How long are the videos available to view?
Recorded lessons are available to view online at your convenience for one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting the third class.


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