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Mark Stimson

Mark Stimson
Mark Stimson
  • Chair of the Department of Sustainable & Regenerative Living
  • Adjunct Professor of Sustainable & Regenerative Living

Mark Stimson began his teaching career as an instructor in a homeschooling program in which he and his co-teachers developed novel learning methods in a supportive community-based educational environment. He continued his career as an instructor in MIU’s Department of Sustainable Living, where he continued and extended learning-by-doing pedagogy. He served for several years as MIU’s Sustainability Coordinator, developing and implementing energy efficiency measures and other best practices.

After completing two MA degrees, Stimson joined the doctoral program at GCAS (Global Center for Advanced Studies), Dublin, and earned a PhD in Social and Political Thought.

He is dedicated to promoting progressive pedagogy to create and promote more meaningful and transformative student learning experiences.


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