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Apply for next entries:
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  • Unfold your inner potential
  • Master practical procedures to transform your life
  • Examine modern perspectives on consciousness in the light of Maharishi Vedic Science
  • Help create coherence, harmony, and a more peaceful world
  • Available online and on-campus

Who am I, and how am I connected to everything around me?

students3Ancient teachers looked within themselves to find answers to answer questions like: “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” “How can I become more creative and develop my full potential?”

Explore your inner consciousness as you investigate current and traditional perspectives on human potential

Watch the video of Dr. Fred Travis speaking on Maharishi Vedic ScienceLeading scientists suggest that consciousness is as fundamental to life as time and space. Vedic science describes consciousness as even more fundamental, existing in and by itself, independent of any personal owner. These perspectives on consciousness are integrated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Maharishi Vedic Science, which forms the basis for this program. (see video)

Probing your connection with the world

In this program, you will probe the furthest reaches of neuroscience, physics, and social sciences by examining the interaction between brain functioning and consciousness, parallels between the unified field of physics and the field of consciousness, and the connection between individual and collective consciousness.

Profound personal development

Gain direct experience of your universal nature through procedures such as the Transcendental Meditation® technique, Maharishi YogaSM asanas, reading Vedic literature in Sanskrit, self-pulse reading—as part of a transformative daily routine. Deeper inner experiences give a new platform to understand theoretical discussions of the full range of consciousness.

What careers does this degree prepare me for?

This program prepares you for a wide range of careers. It develops your consciousness, creativity, and intelligence. It also enhances your thinking and communication skills, improves learning ability, and prepares you to be adaptable and cope with stress more effectively. Graduates often say this degree is the basis of their personal and professional success.

On-campus or online?

Both tracks of the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science provide the same sequence of 11 courses for exploring your Self and enriching all aspects of your life.

The on-campus track is a 10-month immersion program. The online track extends over 32 months and enables you to enjoy the program’s benefits while holding other responsibilities.

Graduates from the MA program say

johannes schweigel

Johannes Schweigel

johannes schweigel

PhD student
Graduated in 2020

It's amazing how much growth I have experienced in just one year. I started out with an almost obsessive curiosity to understand everything. I am still curious but now I can dive deeply into knowledge without any sense of pressure. My physiology has relaxed and I simply enjoy life more and more with each day.

Brock Bond

Brock Bond

Brock Bond

Baseball coach and TM teacher
Graduated in 2016

“I am really glad I did the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science. It is a unique degree that focuses on developing the student from a deeper level.”

Kathy Connor

Kathy Connor

Kathy Connor

Certified Teacher of the TM program
Graduated in 2018

“As the representative of this knowledge in my community of meditators, I feel I am more proficient and confident because of the MA degree program.”

Gaelen Armstrong

Gaelen Armstrong

Gaelen Armstrong

Metal artist
Graduated in 2013

“It fostered a personal growth that I value, and I think it's made me a better, more capable person.”

Doug Shannon

Doug Shannon

Doug Shannon

Entertainer and former College Communications Professor
Graduated in 2012

“This degree program was one of the best experiences of my life. I would do it again without question. It was extremely rewarding, and is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

Margot Suettmann

Margot Suettmann

Margot Suettmann

PhD researcher
Graduated in 2013

“It gave me a new outlook and perspective in my research field.”

Entrance requirements

The following is projected for the upcoming school year and is subject to change.

For entrance into the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science, applicants must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field
  • Apply for admissionApply for admission
  • Completion of the MIU admissions process, including submitting official transcripts, a recommendation, all materials, and an interview


  • Read the two sections (3 pages) in The Science of Being and Art of Living by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi What is Being? and Being is the Essential Constituent of Creation.  We recommend that applicants purchase the book, available in softcover at MIU Press and in ebook at Amazon, but you may also view and download the relevant pages.
  • In 700-800 words, respond to the following: “Discuss Maharishi’s description of the nature of Being as the essential constituent of creation.” This should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 pt font.
  • Please email your essay directly to your admissions counselor.

English language verification

International applicants must submit official English proficiency test scores within the past 2 years of at least 110 on Duolingo, 6.5 on IELTS Academic, 90 on TOEFL iBT or 58 on PTE.

Before your first class

All MIU students practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique. If you have not learned it yet:

  • MIU has a special TM course fee of $190 for students.
  • On-campus students are asked to learn the TM technique before arrival.
  • Online students learn the TM technique before beginning class at MIU.
  • Contact your admissions counselor for details.
  • Find information on the TM technique or search for a TM teacher at

Cost & Aid, 2023-24

International On-Campus MA in Consciousness & Human Potential

This program is typically two semesters (one academic year).

Annual Cost
Tuition and fees$16,530
Housing (single room) and meals$7,400
Health Insurance (estimate)$1,992
Personal expenses, books, unexpected needs (estimate)$3,500
Estimated net price$29,422

Tuition, other fees, scholarships, and financial policies are subject to change prior to the entry date.

International Online MA in Consciousness & Human Potential

The duration of this program is 3 years. There are two semesters per year. The tuition listed here is for one semester at the current year rate, subject to changes in future years.

Semester Cost
Tuition and fees$3,495
Your Payment$3,495

Tuition, other fees, scholarships, and financial policies are subject to change prior to the entry date.

Featured faculty



Dr. Thomas Egenes is Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science and Sanskrit. He earned an MA and PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia; an MA in Higher Education Administration from Maharishi International University; and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame.


Students in the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science may add a specialization to their degree by completing additional coursework in one of the following areas:

Requires 18 credits of coursework in classes that were not taken for the MA in MVS or have been significantly reformulated with new books and materials since they were taken or MVS 520 Advanced Studies in Maharishi Vedic Science.
Requires 18 credits of graduate courses in Physiology and Health.

Requires 18 credits of coursework selected from the following:

  • MVS 525 Sanskrit and Maharishi Vedic Science
  • MVS 526 Sanskrit
  • MVS 527 Advanced Sanskrit
  • MVS 534 Readings in Vedic Literature
Requires MVS 490 Transcendental Meditation Technique Teacher Training
(Students who have successfully completed the TM Teacher Training course before they take the MA courses will automatically graduate with a specialization in TM Teacher Training)

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