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Why should I consider an internship?

  • Many internships pave the way for paid work after graduation.
  • Employers are more likely to hire someone with internship experience.
  • Internships increase your professional network and create recommendations.
  • Hands-on experience builds your self-confidence—and your resume.

What are micro-internships?

Micro-internships offer the same paid professional opportunities as standard internships or jobs, except they are limited to short-term assignments. By taking on a project for a micro-internship, you’re able to demonstrate skills, build networks, and explore career paths in the process of seeking full-time roles. Several ways that micro-internships differ from traditional internships include the following:

  • They can take place year-round
  • They typically range from 10-40 hours of work
  • The assignments are generally due between one week and one month after starting

A wide range of companies use micro-internships, including those in the Fortune 100 and start-ups both in Iowa and throughout the U.S. The Parker Dewey platform facilitates micro-internships, connecting students and recent graduates with organizations seeking assistance.

How it works


Create a profile

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up: enter your name, school, hobbies, and few other points about yourself and you’re ready to get started.


Browse micro-internships

View details on available assignments, including the due date and the payment amount.



After reviewing possible assignments, decide which look most interesting to you – it’s an excellent way to explore different career possibilities.


Complete the assignment

Once you’re selected, work directly with the company. Try to surpass expectations, since it could open the door to a full-time role.


    Planning ahead is key! Large-scale employers may begin their internship selection process as far as eighteen months ahead of time. If you are seeking a summer internship, it’s best to prepare in January, and start researching positions and applying by March or April. Students must submit their completed internship proposal at least a month prior to their start date.
    There are paid and unpaid internships. Questions to ask an employer include whether food, housing, travel, or other costs will be paid if the internship is unpaid.
    Undergraduates at MIU can earn up to 16 credit hours in approved internships and/or independent studies over the course of their degree program, depending on the program and their situation.
    Our Student Internship Handbook gives more complete details on what to expect, and how to approach your internship experience.

We're here to help!

Dylene Cymraes
Dylene Cymraes

Reach out to Dylene, Director of MIU Career Services, for help with any part of the internship process. From refining your resume, selecting compatible companies and internships that will help further your goals, and applying for academic credit at MIU, she's here to help you achieve a successful internship!

Contact Dylene at

Past internships

  • A Healing Homestead
  • Anastasia Health
  • Apricot Solar
  • Bhrugu Aranya (Poland)
  • Celestial Light and Sound
  • Dark Nectar Co-op
  • David Lynch Foundation
  • Earthship Academy
  • Fair Field Productions
  • Fairfield Media Center, Sondheim Center for the Arts
  • Firefly Experience
  • Five-Fold Path Mission (India)
  • Fundación Hogares Claret (Colombia)
  • Garden Farms Foundation
  • Ideal Energy
  • International Foundation of Consciousness-Based Ed.
  • Iowa Source
  • Katalyst Securities
  • Liberty Cattle Company
  • Natel Broadband
  • NKB Ashram & Taos Hanuman Temple
  • Partners For World Peace (Kenya)
  • Raam Raj Foundation
  • Radio KHOE
  • Revive Medical Aesthetics
  • Ruvin Consulting & Adios Gear
  • Sadhana (Colombia)
  • Samhita Academy (India)
  • Soil Technologies Corp.
  • Sondheim Theater
  • SRI Demonstration Farm
  • Sustainability Research Institute
  • Sustainable Living Coalition
  • Sustainable Roots Therapeutic Ranch
  • The Barnes Group
  • The Farmhouse and Hickory Highlands
  • Unadilla Community Farms
  • Vastu Partners LLC
  • VerdEnergia Pacifica (Costa Rica)
  • Waters Edge
  • Willamette Valley
  • Women, Food and Agriculture Network
  • Yaupon Teahouse

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