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Inner State of Yoga: The Key to Success, Happiness, and Enlightenment

“This course was amazing! I watched it three times! Professor Sands talks about the Yoga Sutras and other Vedic texts and describes simple and profound understandings of them that Maharishi brought out in his teachings. Professor Sands also explains how Maharishi’s interpretations differ from the conventional views of many scholars today.”—EM

What is Yoga? How can we experience Yoga? What is the value of Yoga, both for individual life and community life?

This 4-hour online self-study course explores the different aspects of Yoga in the light of Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM.

Course Leader: Professor William Sands, PhD

Course Fee: $29

Course Description

Lesson 1: Yoga and Higher States of Consciousness Free Preview (See above)
Lesson 1.1: The State of Yoga and the Path of Yoga
Lesson 1.2: Refined Levels of Yoga and Higher States of Consciousness
Lesson 1.3: Personal Accounts of Higher States of Consciousness
Lesson 1.4: Introduction to Video of Maharishi on Importance of Using the Total Brain Physiology
Video by Maharishi: Only the Experience of Transcendental Consciousness Makes Use of the Total Brain Physiology
Lesson 1.5: Introduction to Video of Maharishi on Life in Enlightenment
Video by Maharishi: Life in Enlightenment
Lesson 1.6: Main Points for Lesson 1

Lesson 2: Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Sidhi Practices, and Dharma
Lesson 2.1: Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Lesson 2.2: Sidhi Practices Described in Vedic Literature
Lesson 2.3: How Yoga Can Improve Dharma
Lesson 2.4: Research on Dharma and TM®
Lesson 2.5: Introduction to Video of Maharishi: The Soft World of Transcendental Consciousness Beyond the Senses
Video by Maharishi: The Soft World of Transcendental Consciousness Beyond the Senses
Lesson 2.6: Main Points for Lesson 2

Lesson 3: Common Misunderstandings
Lesson 3.1: Common Misunderstandings about Yoga
Lesson 3.2: Misunderstandings about Material Life
Lesson 3.3: Scientific Research on TM Supporting Maharishi’s Understanding of Yoga
Lesson 3.4: Introduction to Videos of Maharishi
Video by Maharishi: One Can’t Leave the Light of God
Video by Maharishi: Yogic Flying and Degrees of Enlightenment
Lesson 3.5: Main Points for Lesson 3

Lesson 4: The Five Fundamental Types of Yoga
Lesson 4.1: Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Raja Yoga
Lesson 4.2: Ashtanga Yoga
Lesson 4.3: The Five Niyamas
Lesson 4.4: Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan, and Samadhi
Lesson 4.5: Introduction to Videos of Maharishi
Video of Maharishi Speaking on the Origin of Yogic Flying
Video by Maharishi: Transcendental Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness
Lesson 4.6: Main Points


Dr. William Sands

Dr. William Sands

Dr. William Sands is Dean of the College of Maharishi Vedic Science and Associate Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science and Sanskrit. He earned an MA and Ph.D. from Maharishi International University, an MSCI from Maharishi European Research University, and a BSBA from Georgetown University.

He is the author of Maharishi’s Yoga: The Royal Path to Enlightenment.


Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
The Transcendental Meditation® technique is recommended as a prerequisite for this course. For more information about TM, please visit https://tm.org.

How long are the videos available to view?
Videos are available to view for at least one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at ce@miu.edu. Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting Lesson Three.


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Questions? Please contact ce@miu.edu