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Self knowledge & inner growth Explore >

Transcendental Meditation®
technique Explore >

All MIU students practice this effortless, evidence-based technique for enhancing creativity & learning ability, and reducing stress & anxiety. More >

Immersion in one course per month Explore >

Our secret for learning more with less stress — the block system. Each month you’re fully immersed in just one course. No juggling 4-5 classes at once!  More >

Natural health & wellness Explore >

At MIU, self-care is a priority. You’ll learn highly effective tools — including yoga postures, ayurveda self-pulse and more — to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Innovative sustainability Explore >

MIU is among America’s most green colleges, and the first to offer degree programs in Sustainable Living and Regenerative Organic Agriculture. More >

A university culture with heart Explore >

You'll thrive in a mutually supportive community where everyone is committed to personal growth. More >

Professors who care Explore >

With small, full-immersion classes, our professors give students lots of personal attention and support.

Organic vegetarian meals Explore >

America’s first college to serve freshly-prepared organic vegetarian meals every day — locally sourced whenever possible.

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Who are we?

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We come from many places, cultures, and backgrounds, but share a strong common commitment to personal inner growth, wellness, sustainability, and positive values.

We support a progressive and inclusive campus culture that’s creative, dynamic, and focused on making the world a better, more peaceful place.

Learn more with less stress Why is the block system so popular with our students?

  1. At MIU you never juggle 4-5 classes and homework at once.
  2. Instead, you’re immersed in only one full-time course each month. This is the block system.
  3. The block system allows you to easily learn more with less stress. And there’s no finals week!
More on the block system >

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