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Total Knowledge and the Great Thinkers and Leaders Throughout the Ages

Total Knowledge and the Great Thinkers and Leaders Throughout the Ages with Dr. Peter Warburton and Professor Ken Chandler

“Fantastic! Should be longer. There is so much more that Dr. Chandler has to share.” —EF

Ten-Lesson Course Now Available Online!
(Each lesson is approximately 1.5 hours)

Course Leaders:Peter Warburton, PhD, and Professor Ken Chandler, PhD

Prerequisite: This is an advanced course for TM® Teachers and graduates of the TM-Sidhi® course, plus those Meditators who have a familiarity and comfort with many of the terms and concepts used in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM.

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Course Description

This course offers a feast of inspiration through connecting Maharishi’s knowledge with the insights of the greatest visionaries of all time. Maharishi’s complete exposition of Total Knowledge, brought out by Dr. Peter Warburton, encompasses a Consciousness-BasedSM approach to the administration of all areas of society. In this unique course, Dr. Ken Chandler reveals how the teachings of the great thinkers, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and other luminaries throughout the ages not only reflect the same vision, but bring fresh insight through unique and original expressions.

For the first time, Dr. Chandler has brought out the fruits of 30 years of profound research in this field. His book, The Enlightened Jesus, is available on Amazon. In his usual charming manner, Dr. Warburton highlights the connections to the framework of Total Knowledge brought to the world by Maharishi.

Course Fee

$125 (or $75 for full-time MIU or Maharishi School staff, faculty, and students, or full-time Governors, IAA grant recipients, and anyone who is retired and cannot otherwise afford the course). Also, any MIU alumni can get 10% off the full course fee.

Free Talk

Total Knowledge and the Great Thinkers and Leaders Throughout the Ages * images of various great thinkers and leaders
The first class is open for free admission as a sample of the profound and beautiful knowledge to follow.

Course Leaders

Dr. Peter Warburton

Peter Warburton, PhD

Dr. Peter Warburton is currently the Chief Executive Officer at the Maharishi Foundation in the UK as well as several other nations. He has a doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace. His thesis included the elaborate displays of Total Knowledge charts which he worked on under Maharishi’s guidance. In 1971, Dr. Warburton graduated with a Masters degree in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University. He then became a teacher of the TM technique and started working directly with Maharishi continuously for the next 36 years. During that time, Maharishi tutored Dr. Warburton personally to bring out the specific curriculum of Total Knowledge — Maharishi’s Vedic Science — which Dr. Warburton has been doing so inspiringly since 2008. At the same time, Dr. Warburton is also developing the application of Total Knowledge in new directions that Maharishi specified, as we see in this year’s courses at MIU.

Dr. Ken Chandler

Professor Ken Chandler, PhD

Dr. Ken Chandler holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. He is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Maharishi International University and was formerly the chair of the Department of the Science of Creative Intelligence®. He is currently investigating the experience of pure consciousness described in the great classics of philosophy, science, literature, and religion in the East and West. For forty years he has been investigating the experience of pure consciousness in the writings of the most illustrious men and women of history. These books will be available on Amazon soon.


“Beautiful summary of how the pure spirit shines forth throughout written history all over the world.” —RA

“Ken’s research is magnificent!” —Anon

“This course shows how pure knowledge dwells within mankind throughout the ages — always ready to burst forth and provide the basis for great discoveries and inspiration.” —EM

“Dr. Chandler’s passion for this subject is inspiring and contagious.” —MS

“Great course! Ken Chandler and Raja Peter were excellent!” —CJ

“Very fulfilling and brought together the knowledge of great thinkers in the Western tradition.” —Anon

“Pure enjoyment and awe with the depth of pure consciousness throughout the ages in human experience across all walks of life.” —DF

“Thoroughly enjoyed it!” —DR

“Wonderful opportunity to dwell on the world’s greatest knowledge with a unique group of highly enlightened souls.” —DO

“Learned lots of surprising new things.” —MO

“Fascinating! It was as though we were uncovering the keys to solving the puzzle of the inspiration of the great thinkers of the ages. Under the guidance of Dr. Chandler and Raja Peter, we discovered our own familiar experience of the transcendent and Maharishi’s explanation of its practical application is the underlying basis of the greatest minds of all times.” —JD

“I am happy to have finally had a glimpse of Dr. Chandler’s extensive research and clear vision into the depths of many great thinkers’ minds — finding them to be describing that same depth which is our own Atma.” —SV

“Best demonstration of the principle of “Highest First,” and pure intelligence in the lives of great people of any course given at MIU.” —MM

“During this course I experienced a huge expansion of the mind and heart!” —EA

“Great course!” —JP

“I was very inspired by these experiences of pure consciousness and higher states of consciousness of all these great people throughout history. So interesting! —DD

“This course was a thrill of knowledge and expansion of awareness of the universality of Maharishi’s Vedic knowledge. In the course we witnessed an awakening of world consciousness to its own deepest heritage through Dr. Ken Chandler’s life work! Thank you, Ken! And thank you, Raja Peter!” —DO

“Very uplifting course! It puts me back in the direction of the purpose of my life.” —TR


Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
This is an advanced course for TM Teachers and graduates of the TM-Sidhi course, plus those Meditators who have a familiarity and comfort with many of the terms and concepts used in Maharishi Vedic Science.

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If you do not have a valid dome badge, please apply for one at

How long are the videos available to view?
Videos are available to view for at least one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting the third class.

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