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General Requirements for a Master's Degree

Completion of FOR 500 Science of Creative Intelligence or STC 508 Exploring Consciousness, plus a Forest Academy for each semester in which the student is enrolled for at least three four-week blocks.

  • Students in one-year programs may not miss any Forest Academies.
  • Students in 1½-year or longer programs are allowed to miss one Forest Academy during their master’s degree program.
  • Students in evening/weekend programs may have different Forest Academy requirements.
The Science of Creative Intelligence is the systematic study, experience, and development of the full range of life – both individual and cosmic. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of MIU, presents in this course the universal principles responsible for the creation, maintenance, and evolution of the individual, society, and the cosmos. Maharishi uses analogies and effective repetition in these comprehensive lectures to enable students to understand and integrate the principles of consciousness and intelligence underlying all creation.
Exploring Consciousness introduces students to three fundamental sources of knowledge that can be used together to evaluate any idea: personal experience, scientific reasoning, and traditional wisdom. On the basis of evidence from all three sources, a new consciousness-based framework is introduced that introduces new ways of viewing the world and new approaches to meeting its challenges. If students already practice Transcendental Meditation, this course includes a review of the principles and mechanics of the practice, based on their experience and questions.
A forest academy is a two-week period of study of particular themes of Maharishi Vedic Science, where students will explore, through direct experience and understanding, the most vital element in creation – the field of pure consciousness that is the inner intelligence at the basis of every individual and the entire universe – and how it applies practically to all areas of life.

Development of consciousness

The development of consciousness is a core value of the university and an integral component of the academic program. Learning the Transcendental Meditation® technique is an entry requirement for all on-campus and online students. If on-campus students are unable to learn in advance, they can receive instruction shortly after arrival. Students enrolled in online programs will need to make arrangements to learn the technique prior to or very soon after they begin classes.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Cumulative instructional GPA of 3.0 or higher. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Graduate-level students whose average drops below 3.0 are placed on Academic Warning status and have one more semester to bring their average back to the minimum 3.0. At the end of the second semester, if the average is not at the required level, students will be allowed to petition for a probationary semester Probation is not automatically granted. If the student does not petition, or the student’s petition for a probationary semester is denied, the student will be asked to leave the program to which they were accepted, with return conditions determined by the program faculty on a case-by-case basis.