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Class Schedule for the MBA in Sustainable Business

The following is the 2019-20 projected schedule for students in the MBA in Sustainable Business, and is subject to change.

Fall Semester 2019

SCI 500SCI 12Aug 19Sep 1
SCI 500SCI 22Aug 19Sep 1
MGT 404Managerial Accounting4Sep 2Sep 29
MGT 484Mediation and Negotiation4Sep 30Oct 27
MGT 428Business Law and Ethics4Oct 28Nov 24
MGT 482Management and Organization4Nov 25Dec 22

Spring Semester 2020

MGT 429Human Resource Management4Jan 13Feb 9
SCI 500SCI 12Feb 10Feb 23
SCI 500SCI 22Feb 10Feb 23
MGT 431Creative Entrepreneur I4Feb 24Mar 22
MGT 425Marketing Management4Mar 30Apr 26
MGT 430Financial Management4Apr 27May 24
MGT 482Creative Entrepreneur II4May 25Jun 21
MBA Sustainable Business Specialization:
MGT 5313Socially and Environmentally Responsible Management4Feb 24Mar 22
MGT 5165Metrics for Sustainable Business4Mar 30Apr 26
MGT 5010Organizational Change for Sustainable Business4Apr 27May 24
MGT 5312MBA Capstone Project4May 25Jun 21