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Courses / Degree Requirements for MBA for Accounting Professionals

The following is projected for the 2022-2023 school year and is subject to change

Students must successfully complete all general requirements for a master’s degree and can graduate with an MBA in Accounting by completing a minimum of 53 credits, including:

Foundational Studies (12 credits) MVS 500 The Science of Creative Intelligence (4 credits) or STC 508 Science and Technology of Consciousness (4 credits), and at least 8 credits covering at least three of the foundational subjects in business administration, i.e., marketing, accounting, finance, operations, information systems, business law, sustainable business practices, and human resource management. Also, students will take a course in Career Strategies (1 credit) that will train students about what they need to secure a curricular practical training position. (Some or all of these credits may be waived based on departmental review.)

Advanced Studies (32 credits) Accounting Professional students are encouraged to study for the four parts of the CPA exam (16 credits) or the two parts of the CMA exam (8 credits). The remainder of credits can be taken from MBA electives.

Here are accounting courses that would meet your specialization requirement >

  • MGT 5150 Financial Accounting Analysis
  • MGT 5160 Managerial Accounting
  • MGT 5043 Financial Accounting Analysis
  • MGT 5131 Business Law and Taxation
  • MGT 5141 Intermediate Accounting I
  • MGT 5142 Intermediate Accounting II
  • MGT 5151 CPA 1: Business Environment and Concepts
  • MGT 5152 CPA 2: Auditing & Attestation
  • MGT 5153 CPA 3: Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • MGT 5154 CPA 4: Regulation
  • MGT 5161 CMA 1: Financial Planning
  • MGT 5162 CMA 2: Financial Decision-Making
  • MGT 5514 Enterprise Performance Management

Course offerings are subject to the recommendation of your academic advisor and calendar and faculty availability.

Practicum (9 credits) At least 9 credits of MGT 5910 Practicum Away coincident with curricular practical training (CPT) in a full-time accounting-related position.

Electives can be chosen from MBA classes, subject to the recommendation of your academic advisor and calendar and faculty availability. Practicum is coincident with curricular practical training (CPT), through co-operative accounting positions with business enterprises or NGOs to enhance applied business skills.

Current class schedule for the MBA in Accounting for Professionals