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Class Schedule: BA in Business Administration

The following are the 2021-22 course offerings for students in the BA in Business Administration, and is subject to change.
It is important to note that all students will meet with their academic advisor to select the courses and schedule that are best for them.

Fall Semester 2021

MGT 346Career Strategies2Aug 16Aug 27
MGT 200*Growing a Business*4Aug 30Sep 23
MGT 382Management and Organization4Aug 30Sep 23
MGT 384Mediation and Negotiation4Sep 27Oct 21
MGT 316Principles of Acct for Decision Makers, Part 14Oct 25Nov 18
MGT 414Taxation4Oct 25Nov 18
MGT 305Business Law4Nov 22Dec 18
MGT 315Principles of Acct for Decision Makers, Part 24Nov 22Dec 18
Courses marked with * are elective courses.

Spring Semester 2022

MGT 329Human Resource Management4Jan 10Feb 3
MGT 331Creative Entrepreneur I4Feb 21Mar 17
MGT 222Economics for Entrepreneurs4Mar 28Apr 21
MGT 378Marketing Management4Apr 25May 19
MGT 332Creative Entrepreneur 24May 23Jun 16
Courses marked with * are elective courses.

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