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Department of Applied Arts & Sciences

The Department of Applied Arts & Sciences offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences — Available in on-campus and online, this program takes special advantage of the interdisciplinary thinking cultivated at MIU, where we study the fundamental principles of intelligence and consciousness at the basis of all disciplines. This view is introduced in the first course in the major, Exploring Consciousness, and then further elaborated throughout the major. Two later courses specifically look at the integration of human physiology with consciousness and the integration of physics with consciousness. In a final senior project, students demonstrate their ability to integrate two or more fields based on their deepening knowledge and experience of consciousness.

    The major also focuses on holistic personal development, both from the standpoint of general intelligence and from the standpoint of the skills essential for workplace success, including, for example, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, written and oral communication, and health. This program especially supports students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degree by transferring credit from other universities without a large concentration in a discipline.

    The online offering includes recorded videos as well as live webinars and online forums that give students the opportunity to interact with the faculty and with other students. The flexible schedule and availability online mean that those with jobs and family can study while continuing with their present responsibilities. Progress as quickly or as slowly as you choose – students can take as few as four or as many as 20 units per semester (essentially full-time). Which courses and how many you take is up to you and your schedule.

  • Individualized Major baccalaureate program — Students may propose an individually designed major that takes advantage of the courses offered across two or more departments of the university.
  • Bachelor’s Specializations — Students who complete 32 credits of study from another department of MIU may take their Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree with a specialization in that field.
  • Minor in World Peace — This 20-credit interdisciplinary minor draws on coursework in several departments
  • Studies in Exercise and Sports Science — Courses in Exercise and Sports Science are administered through this department.
  • Studies in Education — The Applied Arts & Sciences Department hosts the offering of a credit-bearing course that includes instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique, and it houses the courses on Consciousness-Based Education for faculty and graduate instructors.

Featured faculty

Paula Armstrong

Paula Armstrong

Paula Armstrong

Paula Armstrong is Assistant Professor of Education, Director of Academic Support, and Director of the Individualized Major. She received her bachelor’s degree in education from Tulane University and her master’s degree in education from the University of Michigan. Ms. Armstrong began her career as a reading specialist and has been a classroom teacher at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. She taught university students in MIU’s elementary and secondary teacher education program until 2017. She currently is applying her teaching experience to helping students who need greater academic support succeed at the college level, and advising individualized majors as they design their degree plans.


Christopher Jones


Christopher Jones is currently Dean of Assessment and Undergraduate Studies, Chair, of the Curriculum Committee, and Professor of Education, as well as Director of the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences. He previously served as Academic Dean, Director of Evaluation, and Chair of the Department of Education. Dr. Jones’s areas of research and publication have been in the fields of English education, curriculum development, and educational assessment. He teaches courses in general teaching methods, secondary methods, and English methods. He received his bachelor’s degree in literature from Oberlin College, a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction from Temple University, and his doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Teachers College, Columbia University.

matthew beaufort

Matthew Beaufort

matthew beaufort

Matthew Beaufort has explored connections between art and consciousness, including editing a 12-hour videotaped course and a book on Consciousness-Based Art Education, lecturing at other colleges, and presenting at professional conferences. He has led many art tours in Italy, England, France, China, and the United States. He enjoys engaging people to explore their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about art. Through this inspiring process, they refine their awareness and discover deeper dimensions of their consciousness, including the potential for higher states of consciousness.


Tania Kalamara


Tania Kalamara has expertise in personal strength training and has worked in fitness centers throughout Greece. Her specialties are rhythmic gymnastics and gymnastics, track and field, swimming, adapted physical education, and Tae-Bo. She also has extensive training and experience in Iyengar Yoga, Viniyoga, and Ashtanga Yoga. She has certificates and training in Modern Dance, Hip-hop, African Dancing, and Fusion. Along with this, she is trained in traditional Greek dances from many regions throughout Greece. She conducts fitness assessments for students and faculty to monitor aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and blood pressure.

dustin matthews

Dustin Matthews

dustin matthews

Dustin Matthews attended Plymouth State University and got a bachelor's degree in physical education, a master's degree in education and played and coached football during his time there. Dustin also has a master's degree in Maharishi's Vedic Science from Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa where he now resides. In his free time, Dustin enjoys meditating, working out, writing songs, books, and screenplays, and has an interest in acting. He was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and grew up in Eliot, Maine, on the same street as Robert Frost.

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