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Ralph Hearn

Ralph Hearn
Ralph Hearn
  • Instructor of Sustainable Energy

Ralph Hearn, BSEE, MScEng, is an expert and inventor in sustainable energy systems. He has 20+ years of R & D experience in electrical rotating machinery, magnetics, and other electrical technologies. Ralph Hearn teaches subjects related to energy and sustainability. He holds two US patents, No.5442261 and No.5252894.

According to Ralph Hearn, the most pivotal experiences in his life have been:

  • Contribution to Variable Reluctance Motor & Variable Reluctance Generator Patents, granted in 1987, and he gave one lecture at Harvard University on this topic in 1988
  • Developing EV 1 and EMD locomotives for GM as a Senior Scientist in the middle 1990s (See “Who Killed the Electric Car“)
  • Designing an electric car for a southern California Automotive research company in the early 2000s, now manufactured and sold in Bangalore, India

Prior to his R & D work, Ralph Hearn had Journeyperson Electrical commercial certifications in WA, IL and CA, USA.

Students of Ralph’s energy and sustainability class built an EV charging station for one-tenth of the market price.


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