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Wild Edibles on KRUU FM’s Great Taste Show

Appachanda Thimmaiah and Sascha Kyssa stopped by KRUU FM’s cooking show, Great Taste, to discuss the benefits of wild edibles and to prepare Lamb’s Quarters Pakoras.

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MUM Art Students and Faculty Receive Rave Reviews [Gallery Post]

Every year, the MIU art department brings in an outside evaluator to review their program. The evaluators are always impressed with the department’s top-notch quality – most recently Susan White, Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Iowa, who rated the program’s 2014-2015 academic year.

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Maharishi Invincibility Institute Graduates Succeed in South African Job Market

Last December the second class of students graduated from the Maharishi Invincibility Institute (MII) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ninety-seven percent of the graduates have found employment; in fact, MII graduates are quite popular among employers.

“Graduations are deeply moving and inspiring, and a number of the graduates and their parents usually burst into tears of joy,” said Taddy Blecher, founder and co-director of the MII. “There were 46 graduates, and the occasion was cause for much celebration, as most students were the first persons in their families to achieve a...

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Pavan Pidugu: A Leader in Retail Technology

Pavan Pidugu, a 2003 MIU MBA graduate, has built a strong reputation in the field of management and leadership in retail technology. As a senior manager at Walmart, he received the 2014 Innovator of the Year award for his efforts in trying to change the retail systems landscape for the world’s largest retailer.

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Uplifting Society Through Business: Interview with MBA Graduate Momone Maley

Summer in Iowa is marked by the roar of the cicadas and the skyrocketing stalks of corn. At Maharishi International University, it is a time when we are not only preparing for the arrival of our new students but also reflecting back on our recent graduates. One beautiful sunny day, I had the chance to interview this year’s outstanding MBA student award recipient, Momone Maley. Upon arriving at our meeting Momone gifted me a small bouquet of freshly picked lemon balm and chamomile. “Just hang it upside down and in...

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MIU Alumna Brings Business Approach to Teaching TM

Mariam Daudi came to the US at the age of five with her family as a refugee of war from Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war. After living in Pakistan for two years they received asylum in the US and moved to Kansas City, Kansas. Two years later they settled down in Upland, a suburb of Los Angeles, where Mariam’s father worked as a small business owner.

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Benek Lisefski, Graphic Designer and New Zealander

I talked to Benek in late June, 2015, while he was visiting his parents in Fairfield. Benek graduated from MIU in 2005 in a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis on digital media.

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Former Japan Prime Minister Addresses Record 391 Grads

On May 23, Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, prime minister of Japan in 2009–2010, presented MIU’s 2015 commencement address to a record 391 graduating students.

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SL Graduate Dan Gorman Talks Senior Project and New Business

Daniel Gorman has just finished his four years here at MIU and is quickly moving on to bigger and better things. Having started his own business, Bubbling Brine Brothers, Dan is set to take the fermented foods market by storm. I was able to pull him aside and talk to him briefly about his senior project, Knowledge Fair presentation and plans for post-graduate life:

What brought you to MIU Dan?
“Definitely the philosophy side of it. I had an interest in eastern philosophies like Buddhism, Zen.”


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2015 Graduation Reception in Pictures [Gallery Post]

On Saturday, the largest graduating class in MUM history celebrated their accomplishments with a graduation afterparty in the Argiro Student Center.

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