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Robert Abreu: Teaching English and Sustainability in Namibia

Robert Abreu grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Birmingham, Alabama, in a culturally and linguistically diverse family. From an early age he has been passionate about learning languages, which helped him bridge cultures in his family and gain insight into others. French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Arabic, and Swahili are some of the languages he learned.

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Nicole McIntyre, 2014 MUM BFA Graduate

Last August, I grabbed an interview with 2014 MIU BFA graduate, Nicole McIntyre via SKYPE. We start by talking about her pre-collegiate life in Boston where she waited tables while “avoiding the pressure of others’ ideas of success” and maintaining a healthy “distrust of where things were headed education-wise.”

Nicole’s twenty-something concern reflects the pressure this generation faces in a post-collegiate environment of unpaid internships, and an increasing inability to launch into careers-of-choice. Nicole chose to take the time to figure out what she was good at and to cultivate...

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MBA Alumna Advances at Top Accounting Firm

Erin Liu had worked at two of the top international accounting firms, first Deloitte and then PricewaterhouseCoopers. After six years, she decided to take a break and apply to MIU to pursue a graduate degree.

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Everybody’s Whole Foods Installs New Solar Array

There’s a bright blue glow reflecting off the top of Everybody’s Whole Foods Store in Fairfield, Iowa. That luminescence can be attributed to the recent expansion of solar power arrays installed by Ideal Energy. Once completed, Everybody’s will have a 44.88 kW of solar power that they will generate independently. Collectively, the arrays of solar panels will produce 57,802 kWh on an annual basis.

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Supriya Vidic Venkatesan, BA, Media and Communications, Creative Writing, 2012

Currently, Supriya lives in New Jersey and is an independent communications consultant. Some of her work includes:

  • Conducting audience research for a major Hollywood film
  • Creating non-profit strategy with New York Writers Coalition, and others
  • Consulting with startups, such as biotech and technology firms.

One recent client was Religions for Peace, the largest interfaith group in the world and a partner of the UN. Supriya tells me RFP works with religious leaders globally, such as the Pope, to help countries protect the human rights of their citizens,...

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Anna-Maria Cornell: Fiction Writer and English Teacher

Anna-Maria Cornell began writing stories as a child and won her first writing contest at 14. Since then, she has published three novels and five novellas.

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Alumni Update Mahliyo Sattarova

Mahliyo Sattarova originally hails from Uzbekistan a “country [that] not many people know exists,”as she likes to joke. She came to Maharishi International University (MIU) to complete her Masters in Business Administration. Hearing that she settled into a position as a Loan Adjustor at Wells Fargo, I reached out to Mahliyo to see how her post-graduation life was going.

After completing her studies at MIU, Mahliyo moved to Los Angeles to seek out an administrative job. When asked about her transition from a small town to a large city, Mahliyo said...

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Amy Spitzfaden, BA, Literature, 2012

I ask Amy what she’s finding most exciting these days. “Everything,” she tells me. “I’m excited about everything!”

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MIU Alum Brings Yoga to Inner-City Wilmington

Any mention of Jason Aviles on the Maharishi International University campus will have even the quietest students gushing about how enthusiastic, vibrant, positive, and relatable he is.

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Watch Highlights From DreamChange’s First Annual Love Summit

A couple of months ago I caught up with one of the Sustainable Living department’s most successful graduates, Samantha Thomas. Back then, as the executive director of DreamChange, Samantha was in the process of wrapping up their first annual Love Summit in Portland, OR, “an annual event that brings together the business community and public to explore the missing link in business and sustainability education: love.”

They recently released a video with highlights from the event, which you can watch below. Love is the answer, always!

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