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Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part Two

Images of Maharishi and Dr. Peter Warburton * Maharishi's Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part Two

“This is the whole story of everything.” —AP

“These courses strengthen my desire to become fully enlightened.” —SP

“A ‘must take’ if one wants to know who we really are.” —JA

“This course is transformational on every level. Satisfying for the mind as well as the soul, as the course explores intellectual knowledge with experiential applications of that knowledge. Total Knowledge is Total Beauty.” —HE

“It’s a gold mine… Even though most of this is new to me and I’m not grasping everything at its deepest level, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who is interested in growing spiritually.” —RW

Course Dates: Now available as a self-study course which you can enjoy at your convenience. Videos are available to view for one year after signing up.

Free First Lesson from Part One: Click here.

Course Leader: Peter Warburton, PhD

Course Fee: $75 (Special course fee for this coronavirus time.)

Prerequisites: Part One of this course, which is now available as an online self-study course, or any Total Knowledge course. This course is suitable for all Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers/Governors.

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Course Description

Part Two continues the beautiful sequential unfoldment of the full range of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, as embodied in the special curriculum of Total Knowledge.

With engaging presentations from Dr. Warburton, intriguing charts developed under Maharishi’s guidance, illuminating recordings of Maharishi, and fascinating personal stories of Dr. Warburton’s time spent with Maharishi, Part Two of the course further reveals, in the most simple and easily comprehensible way, ever more profound details of the structure and fabric of consciousness. As this course sequentially presents Maharishi’s deepest insights into the nature of our own reality, many course participants report deep and positive changes in their experiences in and out of meditation. The course addresses fundamental questions, such as how the manifest field of life emerges from the unmanifest, the Unified Field, and what this means for us personally.

This course provides a deeper revelation of the nature and experience of higher states of consciousness, within the framework of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge. This is with reference to the experiences of the course participants themselves, revealing that the taste of higher states is already becoming a living reality for many people regularly practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique and the TM-Sidhi® program.

First Lesson is Free

Images of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Dr. Peter Warburton * Free Talk on Maharishi's Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness * Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Click here to view the first Lesson of Part One of this course.

For those who have taken Part One or any other Total Knowledge course, click here to view Lesson One of Part Two.
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Course Leader

Peter Warburton, PhD

Peter Warburton, PhD

Dr. Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr. Warburton to offer these unique Total Knowledge courses, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Dr. Warburton is Chief Executive of Maharishi Foundation in the UK, as well as the leader of numerous sister organizations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He has been teaching Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe and in the USA at MIU. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australia to Asia to Europe to North America.

Reviews from this Course

Five gold stars  It’s all Maharishi’s teaching and delivered by a master teacher. —CB

Five gold stars  I took great delight in attending this course and enjoyed the blissful waves of expansion of my consciousness, Being. Raja Peter’s teachings of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge is royal. Every point of knowledge and every answer to every question is relayed and presented with dignity, respect, and full understanding of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge. Raja Peter radiates that eternal calm, knowingness, and bliss of Absolute Being, hence those of us fortunate to attend Total Knowledge evolve naturally in the Light of God, Absolute Being. I celebrate this enlightening class and wish it for everyone. I thank Mary, Paul, and the entire staff at MIU for their expertise in the successful production and smooth presentation of this class and their wonderful steadfast support of Maharishi’s teachings to Create Heaven on Earth. Jai Guru Dev. —Anon

Five gold stars  Knowledge is structured in consciousness. This time, I seem to allow more knowledge in, about the mechanics of Creation, the structure of knowledge in the Unified Field. —Ulrike B Selleck

Five gold stars  Totally awesome! If you’re a Governor, you MUST take this course! It’s Maharishi’s Total Knowledge that he wanted us to have. —Mary Webster

Five gold stars  Packed with incredible Vedic knowledge and beautiful experiences with Maharishi. —Gary McCarty

Five gold stars  Be ready to let your consciousness open to greater FLOW. —Anon

Five gold stars  Not sure how to phrase it adequately – just exciting for me to be engaged with the scholars of Vedic Science and Maharishi after 47 years of practicing TM! —Carole Capriotti-May

Five gold stars  It was really over my head a bit. So I’m not sure how I would describe it except that even what I didn’t understand, I felt impacted me on a deep level. Fascinating information that will probably make more sense later. —DJ

Five gold stars  It’s like standing under a waterfall of very pure and nourishing water. Just let Maharishi’s knowledge wash over you. Every part of life gets nourished. —SL

Five gold stars  Transformative. —Anon

Five gold stars  I have described it to my daughter as delving into the profundity of MMY’s knowledge. —Ann Rappaport

Five gold stars  The deepest insight from the deepest subjective and objective research done on any and ALL areas of knowledge, because it deals with Consciousness. Consciousness is all that there is. —Frederick P Blume Jr. (Rick)

Five gold stars  Ever since learning about the Big Bang as a youngster, I’ve puzzled over the question of how something comes from nothing. This course gives a full and logical answer to that and shows how exactly material reality unfolds systematically from the Absolute. —RW

Five gold stars  It’s a gold mine… Even though most of this is new to me and I’m not grasping everything at its deepest level, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anybody who is interested in growing spiritually. —RW

Five gold stars  A must-take if one wants to know who we really are. —Juliana Arias-Anderson

Five gold stars  Deep, profound, insightful course on the Vedas. —ND

Five gold stars  This course is very deep in answering in great detail, and from various angles, the existential questions of “Who am I” and “What is the nature of existence.” Raja Peter is masterful in guiding us through the unfolding of the deep understanding of Veda and our relationship to it. He weaves together a beautiful tapestry of the full understanding of Vedic Knowledge or Total Knowledge. —Jim Davis

Five gold stars  Take the first Total Knowledge course as a foundation for this one, which goes deeper into understanding totality and its connection to the relative. —Mary Araas-Wright

Five gold stars  Essential knowledge for any Sidha or long-term Meditator. Not to be missed! —Don Fox

Five gold stars  Fantastic! —RD

Five gold stars  Not to be missed! —Prince Pabbies

Five gold stars  Fascinating! —DA

Five gold stars  A course that will give you a profound sense of understanding about our reality expressed in multiple layers of creation. —Alan Eduardo Cruz Ruiz

Five gold stars  This course gives you an understanding of what life is all about and who we are individually and cosmically. —SA

Five gold stars  If you want [to know] more about your big Self and who you really are, you should take this course. —Nafiseh Emadmostofi

Five gold stars  Very deep knowledge. —WD

Five gold stars  This course is transformational on every level. Satisfying for the mind as well as the soul, as the course explores intellectual knowledge with experiential applications of that knowledge. Total Knowledge is Total Beauty. —Heathere Evans

Five gold stars  This course gives the connection between points more meaning and more clarity. Therefore, it clarifies the whole more preciously and precisely by examining the gaps and the dynamics in the gap. It seems to me to be imperative for complete understanding of MMY’s very profound and comprehensive Pure Knowledge, so that Totality can be lived and enjoyed in daily life. —MV

Five gold stars  As I have been reading one of the little books, Maharishi Vedic University, I actually was relating the learning from this course. —KD

Five gold stars  I love these courses. I really do feel that my understanding of Maharishi’s teachings is going so very deep and in that, creating a new reality, a new appreciation and a thirst for more and more. Yes, I will sign up for all the courses! These courses strengthen my desire to become fully enlightened. Thank you Raja Peter for your incredible insights and ability to so fluently express this precious knowledge. I can understand why Maharishi picked you to give out Total Knowledge. Jai Guru Dev. —SP

Five gold stars  The course answers the question: “What is God?” or “What was God doing before He said, ‘Let there be light’?” —DD

Five gold stars  I am amazed and filled with gratitude that we are being offered such profound knowledge of the nature of Veda, the emergence of the manifest from the unmanifest, and the experience of that process in our own consciousness. Maharishi’s knowledge is so subtle and profound, so consistently satisfying both intellectually and experientially, it quite literally takes your breath away. To have found a teacher who sees this level of life and is willing to share this with us is beyond amazing. This is the knowledge that Maharishi has been teaching us for decades and yet it is always fresh; it is knowledge that is taught using many different ways of looking at it, yet it is always consistent. Learning this intellectually also begins to structure it experientially. Thank you Maharishi, and thank you Raja Peter. —Linda Spitzfaden

Five gold stars  This is profound, although it sometimes requires suspending one’s disbelief. Even for a seasoned Meditator/Sidha, some of it is hard to grasp, because it is sometimes difficult to relate what is taught to one’s own experience. It is necessary to let go of one’s rational mind and take it at face value. —AA

Five gold stars  Being on the Total Knowledge course brings intellectual understanding in an easy manor, plus the inner experience in one’s daily practice. I felt deeper after the class. There is not even a second one would feel bored. You just want the class to not end. —AL

Five gold stars  I feel that the course has had a certain yagya effect for me. JGD —Roberta Balduzzi

Five gold stars  To quote Dr. Peter… “this course will change your life.” —Dr. Gilda M. Anroman

Five gold stars  Besides intellectual knowledge of Veda, [it contains] treasures of personal stories by Raja Peter with our TM organization. —Anon

Five gold stars  Deep knowledge regarding the scientific values of the unmanifest and how consciousness is formed. —NH

Five gold stars  Mind blowing… —David Plaine

Five gold stars  It is good to go from the finite to the infinite over and over again, and realize that they are the same anyway – that the infinite is in a point, and the point contain infinity. And eventually, one experiences it. And in that experience you realize you have never left that experience.

And at times it is difficult to understand these points (of learning). It’s like putting money in a bank account as a child, not understanding why you are doing it, but many years later you are very thankful you did it! —Ronald Stechert

Five gold stars  Extensive knowledge about the Field of all the Laws of Nature, how experience of TM practice takes us to other states of consciousness, how these other states develop within our meditations, bringing those TM experiences to our waking selves and waking consciousness through the Sanskrit language and the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Transcendental Consciousness (TC) is extensively explored, how it is the field of both the manifest and unmanifest experiences of Nature, and how the TC state is within ourselves. It’s an exploration of ourselves. Just beautiful! Beautifully presented, complex but somehow logical. —Anne M Vonick

Five gold stars  A totally new knowledge which explains the dynamics of creation. —Daniel Eloi Santos

Five gold stars  This is the knowledge we yearned for when we were taking the MA in SCI back in 1990. —Anne Martha Melfi

Five gold stars  The course is an explanation of where consciousness arises from and how it does so. It is also a roadmap on the path to higher consciousness. —Anon

Five gold stars  Indescribable – not to be missed. This is a course to savor. —LE

Five gold stars  I took on a life mission about 20 years ago to work on world peace, having no idea if it would ever be possible for human beings. Learning about this higher knowledge gives me great hope that by understanding the connection of everything to a higher field of consciousness, peace actually is within our grasp as a species. —Carole Vaporean

Five gold stars  Don’t miss it, it is life changing. —Davor Ciglar

  Generally the academic details of Vedic Knowledge, but presented in a way that provides subjective experience and enhances the TM and TM-Sidhi practice. —David A Ponder

Five gold stars  Very illuminating and expanding. —DD

Five gold stars  The greatest RIDE on the road to date. —WA

Five gold stars  AMAZING!! Pushes the envelope of my consciousness in the most delightfully uncomfortable way. Raja Peter brings the ancient wisdom of Vedic Knowledge, as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, into the present day. The depth and fullness of my meditations grew exponentially as a direct result of this course. This knowledge provided me with a path to and sense of peace in the midst of living in today’s chaotic times. —Maggie Dorsey

Five gold stars  An illumination of your “Self”. Without “memorizing”, this knowledge seems to be “tickling” memory in myself, resulting in my own clear experiences of expanding wholeness. —MD

Five gold stars  Love the class. Fascinating. Each new piece of information brings you subconsciously closer to an understanding that can only be described as experiential. —AB

Five gold stars  The course describes ancient knowledge of the unmanifest and how creation came about, and the role of the Sanskrit alphabet in the flow from manifest to unmanifest and back again. —Cary Cox

Five gold stars  An overview of the development or evolution of self toward Total Consciousness or Unity Consciousness, and learning how everything in the relative is rooted in the absolute. —Anon

Five gold stars  A series of chats with Dr. Warburton, a full member of the Vedic Masters. —Edward Paul Lyons Jr.

Five gold stars  This is a course about living in a heavenly state on earth, just by connecting to that which is threading through all beings and through the universe, all with the same precision. —Alice Nicholson

Five gold stars  For me, Total Knowledge Part 2 is THE course everyone should hear. It is huge, relevant, exciting. There was a time when I thought I heard everything important Maharishi ever said, but this is new knowledge and it opens the door to a new dimension of my life. I feel blessed and deeply thankful. —Gabriele Hillmann-Westermeier

Five gold stars  The course gives understanding about what goes on in the gap. This means that experiences I have in the gap have more points of reference so that I can perceive them more readily. The course meshes with being on the dome call, being on Mother Divine’s Para Prakriti calls, and with other knowledge that comes up from the MIU knowledge series, and Raja Ram’s Ramayana course. Added to the Superradiance program experiences, I feel this is a time of fast growth.

The leading structure for me during this time is the Total Knowledge (TK) course. What I’ve learned before is deepened by the TK course. What I’ve missed through the years often comes clear during the TK course, and often then links to other knowledge I have.” —Judith White

Five gold stars  A wonderful (golden) opportunity to enter the door of the Vedic wisdom as brought forth by Maharishi. As a result, one’s understandings and consciousness deepens and expands. —Caryl Grant

Five gold stars  This is a beautiful course on Consciousness and Vedic Science through Maharishi’s eyes. —ST

Five gold stars  Best taken after personal experience of TM. —Peter Lee

Five gold stars  This course is really special. You dive deeply into the structure of the unmanifest, learning specifically about the qualities and flow of Vedic sounds that emerge from ‘A’. This course satisfies the intellect, while also providing that deep feeling level of pure Veda. A very deep course. —MD

Five gold stars  I would describe this course as the “how’s it made” for God. Everything that most religions describes is that God is a magical mystic being and that things just appear in the same manner. By understanding the great wisdom of Dr Peter and Maharishi you can see that the god aspect in our life has a very practical real value and everything that is, has a very exact way of being and becoming, not that just appears with no rhyme or reason. The knowledge from this course provides everyone that loves the “why’s” of the world and it satisfies the intellect on every level. We all experience the work of the cosmos without understanding why or where they come from and assign there value to “Magic”, but to understand my experiences intellectually and understand the flow of natural law and higher states of consciousness gives me an undying respect for all that I am, all that this is and how all of that is simply this. —TOMMY BROOKS

Five gold stars  This is the knowledge that I intuitively knew existed and thought would be available and was expecting to receive on TTC. It has only taken 47 years to manifest and am happy to say that this teacher training course that I began in Avoriaz continues to be the most sublime adventure I could have never imagined. —Gary A Segal

Five gold stars  This is the whole story of everything. It is the understanding of experience that makes experience worthwhile. —Allen Penrod

Five gold stars  Raja Peter’s inimitable style makes learning fun. He will take you through the looking glass with a smile. Raja Peter is one of a kind. Very special. Im humbled to be able to sit and learn from him. —David McGinnis

Five gold stars  A description of reality. A description of how intelligence becomes intelligent. But you won’t understand a word of it unless you are familiar with the experience of transcending. —Sean Byrne

Five gold stars  This course satisfies the mind but deepens the unbounded field of awareness that I am. —Anon

Five gold stars  Total knowledge is structured in consciousness and Total knowledge course expands consciousness to understand more clearly experiences within the unmanifest, including sounds. The course is fascinatingly enlightening. —Stephen Johnson

Five gold stars  We are so fortunate to have Maharishi still with us, his Supreme teaching being shared by Dr. Warburton in such a skillful, kind, generous manner. This course is an opportunity to access an inner technology in sync with the the times and the timeless. Jai Guru Dev. —Anon

Five gold stars  This course is AMAZING! I feel like my understanding of Total Knowledge has allowed my experience to go from a black and white world to a world that is in COLOR! This is exciting, not just for the intellectual content, but for the experiential journey I am having as well. I am a beginner in terms of my understanding, but my day to day life has changed dramatically. I am more efficient in all area of my life: my thinking is clearer and thoughts seem to come from a more effortless realm and are more appropriate to what I want to decide — “better thoughts”. My actions are also more efficient–I get more accomplished, more effortlessly and with less procrastination. I am emotionally more steady/grounded.

I think it will take me about 10 more rounds of these Part I-IV Total Knowledge courses before I grasp the homework diagram assignment, but I am happy to be on this bullet train and as long as you offer these courses, I will be signed up and paid in full! Thank you very very much. Jai Guru Dev. —CL

Five gold stars  I tried not taking notes and just listening. I felt as if I were in the atma whenever Raja Peter really got into a discussion of fine points. It was the most satisfying Total knowledge course I have taken so far. —Anon

Five gold stars  Thought provoking but not in a brain twisting kind of way more in a gentle way like rolling pie dough out on the pastry board. —Anon

Five gold stars  I m leaving a feedback just to thank you for the opportunity to attend this course, also, to let you know that I’m enjoying all sessions equally. Thank you. —Nader Zebian

Five gold stars  I had surgery during the middle of this course. Even when returning to the course under the influence of pain medication I experienced deep, unchanging silence and stability. The course is full of valuable knowledge, but to me, the course itself is an experience of the absolute that enlivened my awareness. —Jeffrey Anderson

Five gold stars  It’s the key to understanding ‘all that is,’ as yourself and seeing yourself as one with the ‘all that is.’ —Diallo Radway

Five gold stars  This course unfolds Maharishi’s Knowledge in such a systematic way from gross to subtle and then integrates everything within the individual. I enjoyed every moment of this course!” —RB

Four gold stars  The course is an exploration of the self and the connection to the eternal. —LP

Four gold stars  It is a very deep course and perhaps necessary to speed our awakening to enlightenment. —Doug Jones

Four gold stars  Finer details of A to K. —GS

Four gold stars  Good refresher. Keeps knowledge in our awareness. —Charles A. Winter

Four gold stars  I could feel myself uplifted by just being in the course. This is information I really want to understand. If not for that, I think I would have been frustrated with my lack of understanding of much of what was presented. —Anon

Four gold stars  A very abstract course, but this reflects the abstract nature of the knowledge involved. I have found the best way to understand this knowledge is to see and listen with the simplest awareness, and not to struggle to try to understand from an intellectual standpoint. I really enjoyed the many and varied illustrations of the charts submitted by some of the course participants. —RK

Four gold stars  I had difficulty following much of the transcript of Maduchhandas, but just trusted the process – that I would absorb it eventually. —Anon

Four gold stars  A further explanation from the last course of the correlation between the manifest and unmanifest and introduction into the basic meanings behind Sanskrit. —JL

Four gold stars  An introduction to Maharishi’s final teaching. —Anon

Three gold stars  Too much Sanskrit. —Anon

Three gold stars  Bewildering but at times soothing; very difficult to get the whole feeling and relationship of the vedic expressions to the manifest part of total knowledge as well to the unmanifest field of total knowledge. I am missing something. —JK

Three gold stars  I would have a tough time recommending as I didn’t understand a lot of the material. I would recommend if the person was science oriented, or had meditated a long time. I have just gotten back into TM only a few months ago after 40 years away from it (sadly). —Anon

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Are there any prerequisites to take this course?
Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness Part One or equivalent. This course is suitable for all Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers

How long are the videos available to view?
Recorded lessons are available to view online at your convenience for one year after signing up.

Where can I contact the organizer of this event with any questions?
Please email the Office of Continuing Education at Or you can call 641-919-0045 during office hours: Monday – Friday 10:00 am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time).

What is the refund policy?
We offer full refunds to anyone who requests them before starting the third class.


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