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MUM Art Students and Faculty Receive Rave Reviews [Gallery Post]

Every year, the MIU art department brings in an outside evaluator to review their program. The evaluators are always impressed with the department’s top-notch quality – most recently Susan White, Professor of Painting and Drawing at the University of Iowa, who rated the program’s 2014-2015 academic year.

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Business professor, Anil Maheshwari, talks about life at MUM

Data analytics expert and former employee of IBM explains why he chose to teach at Maharishi International University. Click play to hear Anil Maheshwari‘s experience at MIU.

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SL Student Caucuses Allow Students to Be Heard

Due to positive response, Wednesday, May 13th, saw the second Sustainable Living department student caucus held on MUM campus. Organized by Sustainable Living department administrator Gerrie Stood and hosted by Dr. Travis Cox, the caucus allowed students to voice their opinions regarding campus an program issues that mattered most to them. Prominent students such as Heather Caldwell (tiny house builder and soon to be MUM graduate) and Alexandra Pomeroy (former student and Green Iowa Americorps logistics coordinator) offered valuable suggestions about how to improve the Sustainable...

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Internet, Business and Consciousness

Internet has changed the way business is conducted. The world has been flattened. We can outsource work to someone half-way around the globe, and also serve customers equally far away. Business models evolve to bring together the best of breed knowledge workers to address the biggest of emerging challenges. We are influenced by the vibes and consciousness of all those we deal with. How do we continue to center ourselves, and maintain a positive state of mind? How do we deal with the acceleration of business without getting stressed?


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Faculty Address Delhi Conference to Re-Establish Vedic India

Last month MIU President Dr. Bevan Morris and five faculty members participated in and helped to organize a historic conference to re-enliven the Vedic tradition in India.

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Young Administrators Fill Leadership Positions at MIU


During the past few months, the University appointed several new administrators in key leadership positions. Among these are the role of dean of admissions, which is now shared by Aster Hesse and Gwen Stowe. Ms. Hesse is a native of Holland with an MA degree in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM from MIU. She has been working in Admissions for five years. Previously, she worked for Maharishi Open University (MOU) and Maharishi European Research University in Holland.

Ms. Stowe is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont and has been working...

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Dr. Herriott Publishes Textbook on Sustainable Technologies

Management professor Scott Herriott published a textbook in December called Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Technologies: An Engineering-Economic Perspective. Business Experts Press published the book as part of their Environmental and Social Sustainability for Business Advantage Collection, edited by Chris Laszlo, the well-known author of Embedded Sustainability.

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MIU Visiting Professor Represents North America at U.N. Conference

John Ikerd, Visiting Professor in the Sustainable Living Department at MIU and resident of Fairfield, Iowa, was recently selected by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), along with a handful of other experts—one from each continent—to speak at the United Nations Global Dialog on Family Farming in their headquarters in Rome, Italy in October.

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MUM Professor Addresses United Nations Meeting

John Ikerd, a visiting professor in the Sustainable Living Department, gave a presentation last month in Rome at the Global Dialog on Family Farming, which was sponsored by the United Nations.

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MUM Professor Addresses United Nations

John Ikerd, a University of Missouri professor emeritus of agriculture and economics, who moved to Fairfield two years ago, said he didn’t know what to think when he received an invitation from the United Nations.

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