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“My Reincarnation” Showing at The Orpheum


My Reincarnation, the Emmy-nominated documentary film that follows the journey of awakening of a famous Buddhist teacher’s son, screens this Saturday, April 2nd at 7:30 p.m. as part of the David Lynch MFA in Film (DLMFA) Outer Dimensions Film Series at Fairfield’s Orpheum Theater.

DLMFA co-founder and Fairfield resident Joanna Plafsky is Executive Producer of My Reincarnation, which was filmed over the course of 20 years by director Jennifer Fox. The critically acclaimed film chronicles the epic story of high Tibetan Buddhist Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s rise as...

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Lawrence Sheaff Captures the Structure of Consciousness

I chatted recently with MIU Artist in Residence Lawrence Sheaff. His one-man show, Absolute Image: the Structure of Consciousness in Visual Form, opens October 16th at ART52 Gallery in Fairfield. The exhibition explores the relationship of art, consciousness and Vedic Science.

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Percilla Herrera: Women, Consciousness, and Health

Growing up in Los Angeles, Percilla Herrera observed women around her and desired to help them grow healthier and happier. But it wasn’t until she came to MIU that she realized she could have a career doing just that.

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Listen to the Entire Colloquy on Deep Sustainability Now!

Last week we published an article that details what our Colloquy on Deep Sustainability was all about, but now you have the chance to experience the conversations from that event for yourself! Below you’ll find audio recordings of the entire 3-day conference.

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Internet, Business and Consciousness

Internet has changed the way business is conducted. The world has been flattened. We can outsource work to someone half-way around the globe, and also serve customers equally far away. Business models evolve to bring together the best of breed knowledge workers to address the biggest of emerging challenges. We are influenced by the vibes and consciousness of all those we deal with. How do we continue to center ourselves, and maintain a positive state of mind? How do we deal with the acceleration of business without getting stressed?


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Leopold: Esotericism and the Evolution of Consciousness

Professor Travis Cox, Co Director of the undergraduate Sustainable Living program at Maharishi International University, gave a talk at Iowa State entitled “Leopold: Esotericism and the Evolution of Consciousness.”

It’s a fascinating look into Aldo Leopold–forester, pioneering ecologist, progenitor of western environmental philosophy, and author of “A Sand County Almanac”–is becoming widely recognized as someone who had a “spiritual” as well as “scientific” relationship to the natural world.  Prof. Travis Cox makes the case that his “spiritual” relationship to land has some pretty esoteric (in both the “unusual” as well as...

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Happiness is the Nature of Life

Happiness is the Nature of Life

by Dr. Tom Egenes and Dr. Evan Finkelstein

Dr. Finkelstein: What do you think about happiness, Tom?

Dr. Egenes: Well you know I think that happiness is one of the main features of what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has to say out there. And if he wanted to say it really short I think that what he would say is that happiness is not out there, happiness is in here. It’s that we find happiness by our own state of mind, by our own...

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