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Journal Highlights Lean Management Implementation

An article summarizing a step-by-step project to improve lean processes at MIU was recently published by the peer-reviewed journal Quality Assurance for Higher Education.

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MUM College of Business Administration listed as 49th Best Value School in the USA

MIU’s College of Business Administration was named one of the top 50 “Best Value” bachelor’s degree programs in America. The ranking was determined by Best Value Schools, a company that “helps students find schools and degree programs that can provide the most available financial aid and assistance, the greatest support and service, the highest return on investment, and the best overall value.”

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Alumni Update Mahliyo Sattarova

Mahliyo Sattarova originally hails from Uzbekistan a “country [that] not many people know exists,”as she likes to joke. She came to Maharishi International University (MIU) to complete her Masters in Business Administration. Hearing that she settled into a position as a Loan Adjustor at Wells Fargo, I reached out to Mahliyo to see how her post-graduation life was going.

After completing her studies at MIU, Mahliyo moved to Los Angeles to seek out an administrative job. When asked about her transition from a small town to a large city, Mahliyo said...

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MUM College of Business Welcomes new MBA Class

The first class that all new MBA students at Maharishi International University take is the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI). SCI consists of 33 lessons from Maharishi and lays a intellectual and experiential foundation for all other classes at MIU. The main objective of the course is to help students both understand and experience consciousness the “source of the thinking process,” and therefore as a profound basis for all understanding all academic disciplines.   In addition to discussions and videotapes on these principles, the new students are also taught how to practice the...

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Anil Maheshwari’s new book is #2 in Data Mining category on Amazon

Maharishi International University professor, Anil Maheshwari, currently holds the number two spot for best selling book in Amazon’s “data mining” category. Through lessons and real life case studies, his book, Data Analytics Made Accessible, provides an individual with the tools to glean useful information from data.

What is Data Analytics?

Anil explains that “Data Analytics is the art and science of analyzing large amounts of data from business to produce actionable intelligence, and communicating it effectively to decision makers to drive superior performance.”

Business and Data

“Business is the act of...

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Higher Order Thinking Enhanced By TM® program


Mohan Gurubatham, Maharishi International University Adjunct Professor, has received international acclaim for his higher order thinking model, which he calls an “active higher order thinking learning model enhanced by Transcendental Meditation for the far transfer of knowledge and skills.”

Higher Order Thinking

Higher order thinking with far transfer is the ability for a student to make sense of and use academic information outside of the classroom. Lower order thinking, on the other hand, is the merely the ability to recall facts. Educators have traditionally found that higher order thinking...

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Maharishi Invincibility Institute Graduates Succeed in South African Job Market

Last December the second class of students graduated from the Maharishi Invincibility Institute (MII) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ninety-seven percent of the graduates have found employment; in fact, MII graduates are quite popular among employers.

“Graduations are deeply moving and inspiring, and a number of the graduates and their parents usually burst into tears of joy,” said Taddy Blecher, founder and co-director of the MII. “There were 46 graduates, and the occasion was cause for much celebration, as most students were the first persons in their families to achieve a...

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Uplifting Society Through Business: Interview with MBA Graduate Momone Maley

Summer in Iowa is marked by the roar of the cicadas and the skyrocketing stalks of corn. At Maharishi International University, it is a time when we are not only preparing for the arrival of our new students but also reflecting back on our recent graduates. One beautiful sunny day, I had the chance to interview this year’s outstanding MBA student award recipient, Momone Maley. Upon arriving at our meeting Momone gifted me a small bouquet of freshly picked lemon balm and chamomile. “Just hang it upside down and in...

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Business professor, Anil Maheshwari, talks about life at MUM

Data analytics expert and former employee of IBM explains why he chose to teach at Maharishi International University. Click play to hear Anil Maheshwari‘s experience at MIU.

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MIU Alumna Brings Business Approach to Teaching TM

Mariam Daudi came to the US at the age of five with her family as a refugee of war from Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war. After living in Pakistan for two years they received asylum in the US and moved to Kansas City, Kansas. Two years later they settled down in Upland, a suburb of Los Angeles, where Mariam’s father worked as a small business owner.

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