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Non-traditional Students

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“You’re going to college?!” Older students at MUM
What about older students at MUM? Theresa Golden, Joy Salmon, and Marco Sunseri talk about their journey here.

MUM Welcomes Non-traditional Students

How many non-traditional (older) students does MUM have?

In MUM’s most recent entry, 17% of our new undergraduates and 49% of our new graduate students were in the 30–75 age range.

Student Age Distribution

AgePercent of New UndergraduatesPercent of Graduates
50 and over623
40 and over928
30 and over1749

How much financial aid is available for non-traditional students?

Please see our Financial Aid Calculator for a quick estimate of your financial aid award. Our financial aid for U.S. students includes federal grants (for most undergraduate students), federal loans, university need-based scholarships, veterans benefits, and work-study.

What are the housing options for non-traditional students?

Non-traditional students have three options:

  1. Standard on-campus residence hall rooms with shared bath.
  2. “Home-style” residence halls — each with 8 single student rooms with private bath in each residence hall. The central area features a living room and kitchen. There is an extra charge for this housing.
  3. A wide range of off-campus housing is available within a mile of the campus.

Our admissions counselors can provide further information on these options.

Which MUM office provides assistance to non-traditional students?

The Student Support Services team is available to help you as needed. They are located in the first floor of the Argiro Student Center.

Do Fairfield residents welcome MUM students living in town?

The University and Fairfield have an exceptionally warm and cooperative relationship. About 2,000 of the city’s 10,000 residents practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, including the mayor and some city council members.

Fairfield is among the most progressive and lively small cities in America. Sustainability, natural health, the creative arts and an entrepreneurial spirit are key features shared by the MUM and Fairfield communities.

To see the full non-traditional student interview (19 minutes), click here