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Although MUM is situated in rural Iowa, the school has a highly diverse population, both racially and culturally. MUM has long had an international focus, and therefore when we say we have people of color at MUM, we mean all colors, and many countries and many ages and experience levels as well. In addition, MUM is committed to and engaged in providing a Safe Zone for all members of the LGBT community.

This creates a rich classroom and living environment where, as an MUM student, you will make friends from all over the world who embody a broad range of cultural and personal perspectives.

Everyone here benefits from the shared experience of self-development, an integral part of MUM’s Consciousness-Based education environment. No matter what background you come from, you’ll enjoy a great feeling of commonality, trust, and connection that comes from the most basic field of one’s own consciousness, which everyone at MUM experiences daily.

So, we are all about diversity — but there is a lot of underlying unity as well. MUM is an example of unity in diversity. Put another way, uni–versity … in more ways than one!