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Creative Arts and Performance

Jim Carrey funny face
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2014 MUM Graduation Jim Carrey: selected footage
A compact collection of wisdom cut from Jim Carrey's 2014 Commencement Address for MUM

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The story of a young man visualizing the union between three styles of dance: hip-hop, ballet, and aerial silks.

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Nightbird by Micah Salaberrios
An original song written and produced by Micah Salaberrios

Because of the unprecedented change in the world with the rise of the internet, there is an enormous demand for careers in the creative arts. Newspapers, magazines, record stores, bookstores are all disappearing and being replaced by online versions. And Google now has the most advertising revenues in the world. This creates a huge demand for online videos, infographics, websites, and more… The demand for artists and performers is at an all-time high.

Maharishi International University is a hotbed of artistic creativity. Students are actively engaged in filmmaking, creative writing, music, painting, drawing, ceramics and more. MUM is the ideal school for creative achievement for many reasons:

  • Our classes are small and project-oriented. You receive hands-on training in the arts, and in many cases, can even do real-world projects. For instance, in some Web Design classes, employers come and pitch their projects, and you can choose which project to work on, and negotiate your fee.
  • The Block system allows for full-time focus on projects, as well as being ideal for month-long internships and study abroad. The Block system is where students take one class per month. The schedule includes more time spent with the faculty compared to other universities.
  • TM gives a boost to creativity. It’s been shown to make people more creative, and more focused and cooperative in groups—which is an asset to creative projects and performances.
  • Our faculty are highly-talented professionals actively working in their fields.
  • Our students are amazing and from all over the world. Collaboration is easy because everyone is friendly and focused.

A Parade of Creative People

With all the Hollywood people and other creative types interested in TM, we get a parade of people coming through: Jim Carrey, David Lynch, Oprah, Russell Brand, Moby, all came through town recently. Plus, the David Lynch MA in Film at MUM is a magnet for many talented actors, performers, directors, agents and more, to come and teach.

A Creative Community

Also, many graduates of MUM still live in Fairfield, extending the creativity of the MUM community into the larger community. Fairfield’s artistic scene is very lively:

  • Fairfield is Iowa’s foremost Arts Community with more art galleries per capita than San Francisco.
  • Fairfield’s First Fridays Art Walks attract visitors from all over the Midwest, and the town square becomes a lively scene of music, entertainment, art, and fun.
  • The town has several performance venues, the largest being a 500-seat theater, the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, which hosts top-rated live performances of many kinds, including music, theater, dance, and more. (Maharishi International University has three theaters, and one is also used as a green screen studio.)
  • The whole town, as well as the University, is wired with fiber optic cable for super fast internet access.