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Program Goals

  1. To promote the personal growth of students toward advanced levels of adult development.
  2. To prepare students with the general learning skills and knowledge necessary to be citizens of our modern age. These skills include:
    • Critical thinking skills used to judge and evaluate the authenticity of knowledge, especially as regards social science research
    • Writing skills for gaining and presenting knowledge
    • Speaking skills for presentations and for communicating generally
    • Listening skills for receiving information and knowledge from others
    • General learning strategies for making the most of one’s student years
    • Habits of daily routine that uphold health of body and mind
    • Classroom and workplace etiquette
    • Group working skills for achieving goals with groups of people
  3. To develop in every student the knowledge and skills necessary to teach anything to anyone, with a special focus on teaching one’s own subject field in the schools of contemporary America. Fourteen program learning outcomes have been identified in all and each one is assessed at one or more points in the program to make sure that every student attains each one.
  4. To help each student grasp intellectually the relationship between the underlying field of consciousness, the “unified field of all the laws of nature,” and all branches of the field of education.