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A two-page case study of MIU’s Sustainable Living Center is being included in a new 160-page PDF book published by the United Nations that helps to “inspire, encourage, and support universities to develop and implement their own transformative strategies for establishing green, resource-efficient, and low carbon campuses.”

Titled Greening Universities Toolkit V2.0, the book details strategies and tactics that universities around the world can use to reduce their carbon footprint, address climate change, increase resource efficiency, enhance ecosystem management, and minimize waste and pollution.

The final chapter of the book includes 60 pages of “global exemplars” — two-page case studies of “exemplary campus greening initiatives.”

The Sustainable Living Center case study includes a photo of the building, a description of MIU, the issues the building was intended to solve (students studying sustainability in a building that wasn’t itself sustainable), and extensive detail about the building.

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