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Study Abroad Financial Aid for US Students

US students in standard programs eligible for federal aid will be assisted in obtaining federal aid to attend eligible study-abroad programs. Only $500 of University tuition will be charged when the other institution grants academic credit via approved transcript. University scholarship cannot be used for Study Abroad programs, although students are encouraged to seek scholarship from the school conducting the Study Abroad program.

To participate in a Study Abroad program, students must:

  1. submit a proposal, and gain approval for, the Study Abroad program from the home institution (MIU) Registrar
  2. apply for, and be accepted by, the Study Abroad institution
  3. provide contact information for the home institution financial aid office to contact the Study Abroad institution for the necessary contractual agreement


  • The home institution awards available financial aid for the Study Abroad costs
  • The student remains 100% responsible for all Study Abroad costs, coordinating receipt of the home institution financial aid with the payments required for the Study Abroad program.

Students who have been approved for coursework at another institution where transfer credit is not issued via approved transcript from that institution must pay normal University tuition. This includes courses taken away from Fairfield, including Internships, Fieldwork, Thesis, Projects, MVS Special Studies, and other studies, even when the source of coursework is not primarily taught by University faculty.